Dog walking really is a full time job.

Easter bunnies and Toulouse sausages. April 6, 2010

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hi team,

It’s been a fun-filled few days in the Wheater household. Marsh had Thursday off so we had a play day – lunch at Fratelli (excellent linguine with olive oil, chilli, lemon and pangrattato; rigatoni with bolognese; rocket salad), wandered around BJ (looked at puppies, bought me some larger sized yoga gear, bought baby gifts, got a bit lost), and on our way home stopped at Victor Churchill to buy sausages for dinner. SO exciting.

Sorry, the iphone is rubbish at pics in low light, but this is Marsh with our catch – 10 Toulouse pork sausages. They went in the Le Creuset with a whole lot of tomato, garlic and onion, and some lentils at the end. We had crusty bread and salad and it was so good. I keep thinking about it and wanting to eat it again.

Friday the whole gang was off work, so we had a lazy morning reading the papers, eating scrambled eggs and chatting. It was a nice day so we headed to Shark Net Beach (I forget the real name) on the harbour in Vaucluse, it was so beautiful. We lay on towels on the grass, read some more, had an icecream and went for a dip. It was one of those sunny Sydney days where the water sparkles. Following that we headed to the Watto Bay Hotel for fish and chips (it was good friday after all), and then home. We had a booking at Buzo that night too – Muz and I had been there once before and loved it, so expectations were high. The kids loved it too which was good – ace Italian food (cheesy baked gnocchi, smoked cod and tomato soup, white anchovy and celery salad etc etc). SUCH a great day.

Saturday I’m having a blank on – I went to yoga, Muz did a ride and beyond that I’m stuffed as to what happened. Hmm.

Sunday was hot cross buns and an easter egg hunt! That was loads of fun – I hid eggs on the living room level of the house and everyone else looked for them. It was so nice to have another morning of just reading papers, slow breakfast and not rushing off to do anything. Also Muz got me an Easter present – a giant gold Lindt bunny!! (note bunny on top of meat safe near Muz’s head)

Yesterday Marsh worked, Muz did some work at home and so I pottered – did our wedding album, washed towels, swept the garage, exciting stuff like that. We had a late lunch at Flat White near us, walked Ped in Sydney Park, went to Pet Barn (where we were upsold to premium French dog food – only the best for our boy, ahem), and came home. I made a chicken ball noodle soup for dinner and we watched some 30 Rock. What a great weekend. I was so sad for it to come to an end, it was so great hanging out with the kids and having Muz home.

We are on count down to finding out Bunny’s sex – April 20 is the day (only 14 days to go!). Muz has gone from not caring either way (if we find out or not), to being excited to know. I think she’s a girl, and I’m that convinced I’ve nearly bought girl stuff. However I haven’t, just in case it meant I had to dress little Hamish in a frock.

lots of love to youse,



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