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Bunny in the oven. April 7, 2010

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Well today Bunny is officially 17 weeks, heading into her 18th week. As we all know, confirmation of whether Bunny is actually a she will happen the day before she turns 19 (weeks). I love getting the emails updating me each week with what stage of growth she’s at – having said that, the info I get on these emails isn’t always consistent. I subscribe to two, one is an Australian one which is great, and another is an American one (which is full of fruit-related size comparisons, “this week your baby is the size of a peach/grapefruit/melon”). The American one always seems to say she’s much smaller than the Australian one, eg whattoexpect (US) says for 17 weeks she’s about 3.5 ounces (100g) and (conflictingly) as big as my outstretched hand and about 13cm long (my open hand is a lot longer than 13cm). Birth.com.au (aussie) says Bunny is about 19cm from head to toe and about 280g (that’s my girl). I’m going with 280g – if it’s my kid (which clearly it is), it’s going to be eating well and putting on weight easily. However even with these discrepancies between the sources of info, it’s still good to read all about it. Last week she could hear stuff for the first time, this week her eyes have finally finished their migration from the side of her head to the front (phew – who wants a kid that looks like a fish?), and her eyes are now making small side to side movements. How they know all this stuff is beyond me (I believe it’s known as research, Emma).

And I’ve decided each week now I’m going to post a bump photo. Stay tuned…I’ll take one later today and post it. Currently I’m in trackies and an old tee and the world doesn’t need to see that.

It’s a lovely rainy day here in Sydney. I’m so excited for winter to arrive. Mind you I’ll probably start complaining about it at some point (it’s damp etc), but I’m super pumped for a winter wardrobe of leggings and boots (as I’ve mentioned previously). Fun. I love feeling snuggly and warm. Here’s Ped on the deck this morning, waiting for me to throw him a toy. Just cos it’s wet, doesn’t mean the games have to stop.

We’re also currently planning a babymoon – just somewhere close by as Muz has no leave so we can’t go for long. After considering Byron and Noosa, we’re going for the South Coast. We liked the idea of warming up in June/July but temperatures seem to be around 20 up there at that time, and that’s not warm enough to bother with the time and expense of flying. So a cuddly winter adventure it is. At the moment we’re planning on having 4 days at Cupitt’s Winery. Marsh and Jamie visited here for a meal on their birthday weekend recently and loved it. So we’re thinking rolling hills, log fire and plenty of eating out. If anyone else has any bright ideas for a babymoon, let me know (bearing in mind I probably can’t fly anywhere after July).

Wednesday night is a big night in the Wheater/Moses-Jacobs household – So You Think You Can Dance is on! We are big fans of Jessie H, Robbie and I really like Ivy too. I think I want Jessie to win. And Nat B is a couple of weeks ahead of me in preggo land, so I’m thinking I’m going to get a fair bit bigger in the next couple of weeks (not that she and I are anything alike but it’s fun to compare). Tonight I’ll be roasting some brussels sprouts with pancetta and doing steak. Last night Marsh made the yummiest tacos, they were so ace.

Until the bump photo…have a super day team.



One Response to “Bunny in the oven.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    Drinking cappuccino & reading your latest blogs – big smiling happening. Can’t believe you’ll know if bunny is going to enjoy pink or blue in only a week! How exciting! And so soon til we get to hug you & yr bunny bump in real life.
    I am totally Team Ivy, she is so gorgeous. What a knockout & what a dancer! I have a feeling Robbie might win though, his dancing is absolutely incredible. If only we were back in the old office getting paid for these discussions haha… Anyway miss u as always send me an email soon about dates you are here! I want to org a dinner w the gang xoxo

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