Dog walking really is a full time job.

Feeling grateful. April 7, 2010

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Today’s been a really nice day. And it’s not the typical ‘nice day’ that I’d normally talk about (although it does involve food). I’m on my own (not including Ped, natch) which normally doesn’t rate as a nice day, because I do love talking to people, being around people and generally sharing whatever’s going on with someone. However today’s been good anyway.

A few things I’ve been thinking about:

1. I’m really, really grateful to have such a wonderful husband. I couldn’t have dreamt up Muz, I just didn’t think people could be so suited and so happy (I guess my parents are though). And not that anything’s happened today – in fact the only time I called him he hung up on me on the first ring (I guess my calypso-esque ring tone isn’t appropriate in meetings).

2. I love it when bread is toasted in a flat press and parts of it go almost paper thin and super crisp. It reminds me of the after school snacks Mum and I would get when I was in primary school – I’d go through stages of ordering different toasted sandwiches from the coffee shop at the Grove shopping centre. I can clearly remember a chicken, cheese and pineapple stage, and a chicken and tinned asparagus stage. (Bunny and I had lunch at Danks St Depot together today – they are now toasting their chicken, corn, rocket and aioli sandwich – AMAZING.)

3. I love that I can go to a grocer who has really, really good produce. Fratelli Fresh had fresh gerkins today! And they sell those micro herbs you see at all the fancy restaurants these days.

4. I’m grateful for all my super friends. For listening to me, mostly agreeing with me, being so interesting and clever, indulging endless Pedro talk (and photos), and being kind and generous and lovely and hilarious.

5. I’m grateful for Bunny. Even though she’s still a long way away, I’m super excited to meet her and have her in our family. She’s going to be so cute.

6. I’m grateful for Ped – he is just such a great dog. I know I’m biased, but I think all parents are.He’s far from perfect but all the cuteness makes up for it (I’m sure Caesar would say something similar).

7. And there are lots of other things I thought about today which now I can’t think of – I think it was important stuff such as how cool Dutch carrots are and that sort of thing. And how clever some people are at photography, and how hard some people’s lives can be.

8. One other thing – since when is it reasonable to produce a baby bag that costs $300 and up? like, up to $990? That’s not okay. And since when does everything baby-ish cost a motza? At least patting the dog is free.

And as promised, bump photo on Week 17.

In general I’m feeling pretty good now. I don’t need to nap every day (although I’m about to go have one). My back is starting to get sore so I’m going to get that looked at tomorrow, yoga’s still great, as is walking Ped. I’ve had some gnarly dreams lately which again can be a preggo thing (or eating chocolate right before bed, who can say?).



One Response to “Feeling grateful.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    Beautiful bump!! Your hair also looks fab. What an uplifting post, thanks for a good read Em!! xoxo

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