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Bunny’s 18th. April 14, 2010

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hi gang,

Today Bunny turns 18 weeks. I can’t believe it – some days it seems so slow (when you are waiting for something to happen, ie the scan next tuesday), and other days I can’t believe I’m nearly half way through the pregnancy. Crazy. Here’s the week 18 bump update (another quality photo from the iphone):

This week I tried to wear something tight to give a better idea of the bump, but instead I think it just accentuates the wrong sort of bumps (ps that’s wet hair, not a Bon Jovi revival I’m trying to get started). Oh well. As I took this photo, Ped was waiting patiently…

So I’m feeling pretty good – my back’s started to get a bit sore now and again, and I’ve noticed lots of clicking. I’ve been told this is the ligaments loosening up (thanks to the relaxin hormone) and it’s bones clicking against each other. Nice. Still, whatever helps get this bunny out is fine. Sleeping is getting a little harder (but not bad). I’m just noticing changes I guess.

Oh and I’ve finally set up my office! It’s so nice looking out over the trees. It’s my little cubby hole. You can see I’ve put one of Ped’s beds up here too so he can nap in comfort (he’s there right now in fact).

So things have been ticking over here pretty nicely. We’ve loved having Marsh and J-Mo to stay too. Me especially, because it means several things:

a) I get playmates earlier in the evening.

b) I don’t cook every night.

c) I have someone to watch SYTYCD with who takes just as much interest in discussing who we love, who we can’t stand and who we think will win as I do. And it’s on tonight! Yes!

d) Friends on tap! Ped loves it too because J-Mo plays with him each night and he gets more pats and attention in general.

Sunday night Marsh and I cooked dinner together. Marsh had the good idea to make wontons, and sourced all the ingredients so all I had to do was turn up. Here are some of them in their wrapped-but-not-cooked stage:

They reminded me of little headless chickens praying. I know it’s a stretch. We made three varieties – spinach and chive, shiitake and chicken, and prawn and chicken. They were all excellent. We were so proud of ourselves and we are a good cooking team. We were so excited to eat we didn’t even take a pic before we went nuts. Oops.

Anyway, speaking of dinner I better get to the shops and get things moving.

lots of love,



2 Responses to “Bunny’s 18th.”

  1. Drew Says:

    OK many exciting things here.

    Firstly, who would have though J-Mo would love SYTYCD as much as you em.

    I LOVE your office set up!

    The wontons totally look like headless chickens praying.

    AND according to my very reliable sources Bunny this week has started to mimic breathing, thats our girl!

  2. wheaters Says:

    Thanks honey! Yeah J-Mo is a closet SYTYCD fan. So secretive about his passion is he, that he went to bed last night before it finished. Marsh and I were unsure if he realised the show wasn’t over (so we checked) and he was fully aware. So Ped took his spot on the couch, which was cute because he put his head on Marsh’s lap and started snoring. aw.

    And yes, Bunny’s doing well! Clever little thing. I still can’t believe they do all this stuff on autopilot.


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