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A couple of extra things… April 15, 2010

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I forgot to take a pic of these lillies that M&J bought for us…I loooove tiger lillies, I think they are probably my favourite flower to have in the house. I love a peony too, but they are such a short season and don’t last long. These tiger lillies deffo get my vote for Best All Round House Flower. They smell so amazing. The pollen can be an issue, I agree, but these haven’t dropped anything yet. Hmm, I’d also vote for those giant orchids that come out in March – they are amazing (again, short lived but not as short as peonies).

And, Marsh sent me links to both of these stories.

1. A piece written by an embedded journalist. Who was pregnant while on tour in Afghanistan. Wow. Makes me complaining about lugging the vacuum cleaner up the stairs look fairly pathetic. Not that I’m pretending I’d ever be so tough to go to a war zone (preggers or otherwise), but this makes me look especially pathetic.


2. A piece on how there is no decent maternity wear due to the GFC. There really is very little to choose from. I think there are several problem areas for pregnant chicks though:

• You don’t want to buy stuff you wouldn’t normally like, just because it’s going to fit you. I wasn’t into baby doll tops before, I’m certainly not now. I have no desire to look cutesy when I’m pregnant. It’s like “who me? I didn’t have sex, I would never.” gag.

• You don’t want to purchase a lot of new stuff because of the cost (this also ties in to the first point about not wanting to buy stuff you wouldn’t normally look twice at). So you start to feel like it’s Groundhog Day all the time with your clothes (depressing).

• There’s a lot for sale online, but it’s hard to buy it because you want to try stuff on more than ever. You want to check it fits and see how you look, because so few of the old rules apply it’s not funny.

• In the early days you suffer from not wanting to admit you can’t fit your clothes (especially when it seems to happen so early. It’s like pushing the go button on an ever expanding waistline that you fear you may never get back). So you find you can wear very little, feel uncomfortable in what you do wear, drag your heels on doing something about it, and get depressed about it instead.

• In my case, much of my wardrobe was a working wardrobe. Dresses, skirts, heels, nice tops. I have very little reason to wear this gear now, so my ‘weekend wardrobe’ of old is now my every day wardrobe, and the weekend wardrobe was never that beefy with stock. Plus while the temptation is to sit around the house all day in my gym gear, it does nothing for making you feel good about yourself (physically or mentally). So I’m faced with the option of again, spending a whole lot of money on things I don’t really love. Why is it a cruel joke that when we are allowed to shop because we legitimately HAVE to, that the range sucks?


Anyway, that’s a bit of a rant for you. I have to say though, when I did finally give in and buy some maternity stuff it was the best thing ever. Maternity waistbands rule (thank you, giant elastic god).



3 Responses to “A couple of extra things…”

  1. Rach Says:

    Oh Green-Weets, I love our first world problems, and even more so now that they extend to the state of preggers. Suggest empire line and trapeze cut frocks, leggings, big cardies, the circle scarf from AA and unbuttoned jackets. I dress like a pregnant woman most days, anyway.


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