Dog walking really is a full time job.

Good help is hard to find. April 15, 2010

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So, I know this is hardly one of the big problems of the world, but our cleaners didn’t show today. They did a great first job last week (it’s finally gotten too annoying for me to lug the vacuum up and down the million stairs in here, so I’ve made the complete transition to Paddo housewife and now no longer clean), but today I got no love. I even missed out on going to yoga because I was hanging around waiting for them. I finally texted some 1.5hrs after they were due to show and asked them to reschedule for next week and all I got was a “very sorry” response. WHY didn’t you show? Did you forget? Did you double book? Offer me something to make me feel less aggrieved! Anyway, looks like I’m back on cleaning duty this week.

More importantly though, I was at the shops last night and saw this cute little girl holding a toy bunny rabbit. And would you believe, it was a well-loved version of the bunny Mum and Dad brought over for Bunny! (I had a bunny toy – Sadie – as a kid so they thought it would be cute to give our baby a bunny toy. little did they know we were actually calling her Bunny.) Anyway this little girl looked totally cute with her worn bunny and was getting a grissini stick for being a good girl from her mum. Cute.

Ped wonders if the toy is for him…

Tonight we are off to Manu’s restaurant L’Etoile with Marsh and Jamie. They’re taking us as a thank you for having them stay, which is totally unnecessary but super nice.

After a big night of SYTYCD last night we probably need a night away from the tv. The judges (me, Maush and J-mo) were split on the Avatar piece. Marsh and I didn’t rate it, but Jamie was impressed, as were the real judges. Marsh and I rewatched it on IQ later and we still weren’t blown away. Anyway the voting lines are open (we are taking a ‘leave it to the masses’ approach in voting, ie we’re not), so we’re going to hotly anticipate next week…

M&J move home tomorrow night, which I’m a bit devastated about. I’m sad they’re leaving, it’s been so nice to have the great company, lots of laughs and someone to discuss what’s on the Daily Mail and Perez with each morning. Sigh.



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