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And it’s… April 20, 2010

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a girl!

Which we all totally knew anyway (well, I’ve been saying “she”), but it’s confirmed now. Of course Muz was dying for it to be a boy, mainly to prove me wrong and to get himself “an heir”. Whatever. Of course he’s actually stoked, but I’m sure is secretly dying for a boy one day. His current gag is “well, we’ll just keep trying til we get one.” Which of course is going to result in a netball team of girls.

Anyway all the other bits looked fine on the scan – heart, right number of fingers, mouth, nose, kidneys, bladder, spine etc. So yay! She’s growing nicely. This week her head is roughly the size of an egg and she weighs around 250-300g.

Bump update pic tomorrow.



4 Responses to “And it’s…”

  1. Rach Says:

    Hurray! I’m sure future brothers will thank Bunny for coming first and inheriting the name.

  2. Congrats guys, Bunny Wheater it is! I’m glad, because Bunny for a girl is cute, Bunny for a boy is a recipe for too much bullying when Bunny gets to school. SO now the name is all sorted, its simply a question of couture which is all about options for Bunny!

    • wheaters Says:

      Thanks honey! Yes, Bunny has a good selection of baby couture around here. There is baby Dior on Queen St (although my mum came back one day proclaiming she “didn’t like that Dior shop”) and Arabella which seems to sell only French stuff (at suitably high prices). Baby deck shoes? Tick.

  3. Jac Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations, Wheaters! Though, I have to say, you would have dressed that baby up in all the leopard print you could get your hands on, regardless of its gender. So it’s lucky she’s a girl, as nobody wants to see a pimp-looking baby.

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