Dog walking really is a full time job.

The new baby. May 27, 2010

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Like most babies, it started with love at first sight. Then things got a little shaky. And now we’re in love again.

So today was day of setting up the new imac. I love opening the box, smelling some sort of chemical packaging, reading the little book that tells me me and my mac “are made for each other” (aw), plugging it in, being welcomed by zooming type in lots of different languages set to ‘funky’ music, and then the easy, guided set up.

Then the wireless decided it wasn’t going to work. We couldn’t connect to the network, which resulted in hours of frustration (annooyyyiiing). It’s working now, so we’re happy again. What I also didn’t bank on (but which is pretty obvious) is the lack of things…like all my files, bookmarks and addresses. And all those emails I haven’t replied to, which are downloaded on my laptop. So I’ve done addresses (actually very easy), have started re-doing my bookmarks and files might have to be tomorrow. Or next week. But the new computer is ace (big screen! normal keyboard! mouse!) so I’m pretty happy. Muz will also be happy because he’s going to be working from home more (ie coming home in time to see Bunny, then logging on from here), and he hates my laptop. He accuses it of doing things like highlighting everything and clicking on things that he doesn’t want to click on. Funnily enough I have none of these problems. And he’s the one who can’t fast forward properly on the foxtel IQ…



24 weeks.

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It was a very wet and rainy day yesterday in Sydney. It was beautiful because water really suits this city (it is so green because of it) but it makes for difficult dog walking. However this didn’t stop us – we braved the rain in Centennial Park in the afternoon, me in my wellies and Murray’s rain jacket and Ped is all his furry glory (the rain doesn’t bother him at all). He found a tennis ball so we kicked that around as no-one else was out, so he had no other pups to play with. When we got home he was quite happy to be dried off…Mary Magdelene style.

Yesterday was also Bunny’s 24th week milestone – I look so much bigger in this pic than I did last week! Note the bubble gum pink puffa jacket – I’ve been dying to wear this since I got it in NY. I think it’s too funny, and thankfully the weather is actually getting cold enough to get it out.

Then Muz and I had date night last night, we went to Tabou, which (I think) is Marsha’s favourite restaurant, and I can totally see why. It’s very much a French bistro with a few mod bits added (presentation and desserts mainly). I had the Marsh special – twice baked goats cheese souffle for entree and steak frites for main. It was so good. We also had a couple of glasses of Gosset to start with – our philosophy is that if I’m not drinking much then it may as well be good. So last night was fun, and it was good to get out just the two of us and catch up with each other.

Today I went to yoga this morning and have been setting up the new desktop, which is pretty exciting. It’s going to be great to not have to work on a laptop all the time. The wireless unfortunately doesn’t get a very strong signal up here which might prove to be a pain. Let’s hope not. I really don’t feel like working out how to move the whole wireless set up to another floor (if we can move it at all), I find that stuff so frustrating. Just WORK, will you?

Our friend Sonja (Boris’s mum) is in town so we’ll see her tonight which is always fun, and tomorrow I’m catching up with my friend Georgia and her daughter Sophia who are in town as well, and we’ll see them again (and hubby Brett) on Saturday night.So lots on and lots of visitors which is great.

This weekend I’m hoping to sort out Bunny’s cot situation. I can’t decided what to get so I need to make some decisions. The lovely Danish cot that’s beautiful but lots more expenno? Or the less lovely one? Or go on ebay and find something less lovely and cheaper (if we aren’t going Danish design, do we really care if it’s new or not?). We stopped in last weekend to have a look and were told at worst it can be a 12-14 week lead time, which takes us to nearly when she’s due. So we thought we better hurry up and get it sorted.

Anyway enough of that, hope you’re all ace.



Celebs* a-go-go. May 25, 2010

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I can’t believe I forget to tell you this stuff, but after another sighting on Saturday night, I decided it was time to wow you with my growing list of celebrity spotting.

1. Maggie Tabberer in the local fish shop. Maggie swanned in to tell me and the guy working there (the only two peeps in the shop) how great her fish was from the night before. I was looking resplendent in sweaty yoga gear while Maggie was a vision in white linen with an orange leather handbag. She’s still got it.

2. Kerry O’Brien in the Qantas business lounge at Sydney airport. The thinking woman’s crumpet! We love Kerry. We were on our way to Perth for Roy’s wedding. Muz did a fly by Kerry’s table when he left to get something, to note that he was reading The Australian and some book on Wall Street.

3. Sophie Monk. This was actually when we were house hunting in December. She looked painfully thin.

4. Maggie T again – this time in the bakery at Woollahra. It was cold this time, so she was wearing a black wool long coat (draped over her shoulders) and a black wool hat. Tres chic. I think I need to hang out on this street more often and make friends with her.

5. Muz has seen Paul Keating up at the shops – he lives on Queen Street.

6. And on Saturday night – Matt Moran. Not at Aria where you might expect him, but at Bodega. We all decided that if we were visiting Aria on a Saturday night we’d expect Matt to be in the kitchen. Not having tapas. I know everyone deserves a life, but still… Aria ain’t cheap.

I’m sure there’s one other – oh Michael Chaney, although not really a celeb, I still get excited. And Miranda Otto on the plane too. Will let you know as soon as we find any others wandering the streets wanting to be recognised…I’m yet to top seeing Ricky Gervais and Rufus Wainwright in the one trip to NY. Not that I did anything except feel exceedingly shy.


*NB They may or may not be actual celebrities.


23 weeks (or just over). May 21, 2010

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hi gang,

The bump photo this week was somewhat delayed…for no good reason other than I didn’t get around to taking it. But here’s Bunny at 23 weeks and 2 days…

Not that these photos seem to change much from week to week, but in the last week she’s actually had a bit of a growth spurt. My stomach seems a lot bigger of late, and as I mentioned earlier, with the expectant doubling of Bunny’s weight in the next four weeks, the trend is set to continue. I think I’ve put on about 6kg so far which is about right (according to a birth website).

I’ve got a bit of nesting fever, and have been keen to get Bunny some things – right now I seem to acutely feel that other than a pram and a car seat, we don’t actually have anything to ensure her survival. So I hit Target hoping to get some little bodysuits (no joy) but I did see this…

Yep, it’s a fake fur all-in-one leopard outfit, complete with hood with ears and furry feet. Apparently they sleep in it. It’s way too big for Bunny, and probably a very flammable so I didn’t get it, but it’s still hilarious.

In other news, Liam was in town for work this week, so Marsh had us both over for dinner which was ace. We yelled at Masterchef and ate a packet of tim tams. And Ped got some couch time and we wore our ugg boots. It doesn’t get much better than that.



Imagine if your weight doubled in four weeks… May 18, 2010

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That’s what Bunny is about to do apparently. I’ve noticed a big growth spurt in the last week (in my stomach anyway, and I’m assuming that’s got to do with her, not the crumble and icecream I’ve been eating). She’s also been moving a fair bit, and wouldn’t let me switch off in savasana at yoga today.

Today it has rained and rained. And rained. Ped and I were the only foolhardy ones in the park today, and he’s just crawled under my desk due to thunder and lightning. Lisa and Sean left us yesterday for their big 5 month world trip, so they timed it perfectly. The weather for their visit was pretty good so they got to see a nice side of Sydney. They’ll be in LA now, lucky things. It was really nice to have them around for the weekend, it just flew by, mainly because we seemed to eat a lot I think.

The last week’s been pretty busy – Ped’s been to Dogue again, we’ve had visitors (Lisa and Sean as I mentioned – read all about it here), Muz ran in the SMH half marathon on Sunday and generally I’ve been keeping myself busy. Can’t say I’ve achieved a whole lot, but I have crossed off lots of things on my list.

I’m keen to start getting Bunny’s room ready and getting her a few things – I know it’s all a long way off but I figure better to do it in stages rather than all in one hit. I went to BJ today and went to Target with the hope to get singlets and bodysuits but they were all hideous and didn’t feel very nice. I tried Bonds in Myer and their colours were too dull. So Bunny’s not done very well. I can’t make a decision on the cot and now am wondering if we should be getting a bassinet so she can sleep in our room for the first few months (it’s a SIDS thing). Of course I want her to be okay, but I also like the idea of us keeping the sanctuary of our bedroom. So many decisions. On a high note though, I did share a lift at BJ with a lady and her big fluffy exotic cat (he wasn’t even in a basket, she was just carrying him), who was making a visit to BJ to get a coat, because they were off to NZ and it was going to be -2 when they arrived. Apparently the cat travels a lot with them which explains why he wasn’t at all fussed about being at BJ. I think Muz was more upset when he paid a visit than this cat was.



In case you’re ever about to have kids and are freaking out… May 12, 2010

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(or indeed if you have just had one and are wondering if it’s every going to be okay/where did your life go/what are you doing/ why can’t you find time to brush your teeth)

This gal’s blog is worth reading. She’s just posted a letter to her daughter (who is now 11 months old).




22 weeks today.

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since I posted, oops. I had a busy week last week writing a story on washing machines for Home Beautiful (anyone need to buy a machine? I’m the full bottle), and this week’s been getting back to all the things I let slide last week. Ped’s been enjoying much longer walks so he’s pretty pleased. We went to Blackwattle Bay Park again today and he raced down to the water and found a stick for me to throw him, much to the amusement of the people who were tying their boat up. He’s pooped now, swimming always tires him out.

It’s been birthday central too – yesterday was Kevin and Nyomi’s little girl Tate (I just love her name), last week was my dad, today is Murray’s mum and tomorrow is my friend Claire. Oh and we had some friends have a baby boy last week, so his birthday’s now in there too.

Tonight I’m off on date night with Marshy – we decided that once a month we’d do a dinner just the two of us, so tonight is the first night. We both think the boys are slightly put out that they aren’t included, but whatevs. So we’re off to this little Jap place near Marsha’s which should be excellent. Also Muz and I have drawn up a list of restaurants we want to go to pre-Bunny, so on Saturday night we knocked off Longrain with M&J and Ash and Ben. Longrain wasn’t the intention, as we’d planned to get to Bodega early and get a table, but they were packed, so we put our names down there and at Longrain. Bodega called later to say forget it, and we got in to Longrain about 9pm (over two hours later). The wait was totally worth it, and luckily I’d only had lunch at 4pm so I wasn’t going to get hysterical. Lesson is to get there at 6pm on a weekend if you can’t book, or go mid week (probably two or four peeps is easier than six too). Oh, and read the parking signs, and get a ticket if you need to.

Tomorrow night Muz and I are off to see Vampire Weekend at the Hordern Pavillion. It’s close enough to home to walk (only about 3km), which means we won’t get another parking ticket (we’ve had two in the last week which total about $280. Not happy). In a move that is slightly late, I’m downloading their new album now. Probably should’ve done that months ago when we bought the tickets, but hey. I know at least one song off the album.

And Friday we have Lisa and Sean coming to stay for the weekend! They are off on their big five month world trip, first stop being Sydney, then on to LA. How fun. I’m fairly envious.

And to mark Bunny’s 22nd week here’s another odd baby fact – at this stage their hair is white as it has no pigment. Hows about that! Oh and Bunny’s pram has arrived which is pretty exciting too. God knows why I bought a pram first/so early, but there you go.