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Anxiety and Fear. May 3, 2010

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Not exactly the sort of email subject line you’d hope to get from your trusty online pregnancy coach.

But still, it goes some way to at least giving you permission to feel worried, terrified and all the rest of it (will I be a good parent? will the birth be gruesome? will she be as annoying as those kids I saw at the park on the weekend? etc etc).

I nearly forgot an ob appointment this morning (mother of the year) but I remembered sort of in time, and was only a bit late. I heard Bunny’s heartbeat again which sounded really strong, and was told that all the scans we had two weeks ago have got the “very good” thumbs up from the scan doctors (I’m sure they have a technical name). I also met my other ob today – I have a husband and wife team who work alternate weeks, so this week it was the hubby, Stephen, who seems pretty funny (without searching for a second career as a comedian). He said that the majority of pregnancies go smoothly without any dramas and not to feel like I’m not doing something right if I don’t have any concerns (which I don’t, other than how on earth am I going to get this thing out of me). Stephen then proceeded to tell me that the best thing is to go in to birth without any preconceptions or expectations (I read this as “expect the worst then you won’t be disappointed” which is probably not what he meant). He also said that he’d had to do a forceps delivery on a gal who didn’t have an epidural (her choice) but it was very hard (painful) for her. He said it took her months to get over the birth (emotionally) and that she told him she felt like she’d been in a “car crash”. I think this was meant to make me feel better. Or something. He meant well anyway.



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