Dog walking really is a full time job.

Weeks 19 and 20. May 3, 2010

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Hi gang,

Sorry for missing the bump update the last two Wednesdays. I did take pics on the day, but haven’t had a chance to sit down and post. We had the weekend in Perth (for Roy’s wedding) which was ace. It was so good to see peeps again, although you never feel like you have enough time with anyone, and I came home exhausted from being on the go.

Week 19

Week 20 – half way!

Bunny turns 21 on Wednesday, so I’ll post that pic then. The scans we had in Week 19 all came back good, with a “very nice” heart pic (it looked like a burger to me). I think I should also stop taking these pics when I’m in exercise gear with dirty hair.

We had a cruisy weekend in Sydney this weekend. We slept in both days (bliss – I’m making the most of it), read the papers, walked Ped, and had a couple of dinners out – one with M&J and Vern at Le Pelican (nom) and one at M&J’s house  after watching the derby (I actually thought the Eagles might win there for a sec). Oh and I watched a Guiliana and Bill marathon while Muz worked last night, ace.

We took Ped to a new spot on Saturday, Blackwattle Bay Park in Glebe. He loved it – he found some dogs he ran laps with on the sand and later a kelpie who herded him in to the water.

The boys with Anzac Bridge behind…

Ped the tugboat going out after a stick Muz threw for him…

Anyway that’s it from me – I’ve got work on this week which is good, and as a result Ped hasn’t had a walk today, poor poppet. So I might take him out now before he looks any more desperate.

Oh – and I can’t recall if I already said that, but I’ve felt Bunny move quite a bit. It’s not totally obvious yet but it’s definitely her. The ob said today if I balance a ruler on my stomach I’d be able to see it move, even when I can’t feel the movements. That’s something for a rainy day/ something for when I’m procrastinating on this story.



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