Dog walking really is a full time job.

Bits and pieces. May 5, 2010

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Today is officially exciting because I got a delivery from Fratelli Fresh. Even though it’s a treat going to Fratelli and looking at all the yummy stuff, I get so distracted going there and it can end up taking a lot of time out of the day. At the moment because I’ve got a story to work on I’m trying to minimise distractions and reasons not to work, hence the home delivery.

Boxes arrive…

Inside box 1…

(that’s fresh figs in the container!)

Box 2…

I got a recipe for parmesan and radicchio risotto from the Fratelli website (hence the purple raddichio in the above pic), and also a baked chicken with lemon and pancetta, which I’ll cook tonight with the Dutch carrots and baby beetroot. OMG! So much fun.

Today Ped and I have been hard at it up in the office. I love it up here, it makes it so much easier to get work done. Here’s the view from my little desk…

Today it bucketed down in the morning and it was so nice seeing all the rain coming down. Yesterday I went to yoga for the first time in about a week, and I’m so sore today. It’s amazing how quickly it goes (especially when there wasn’t much strength there to start with). Anyway the plan is to get an early night tonight so I can get up early to get there tomorrow. I’ve been going to bed late (blame Muz and his late arrival home and working late when he’s at home tactics) which means I sleep in, and don’t have time to get to yoga. But tomorrow is going to be different.

Also, here is the office dog, tired from a big day chewing on his new toy.

Bunny has been wriggling around quite a bit lately, and last night we balanced a card on my stomach so Muz could see the movements (a light object will move even when you wouldn’t be able to feel the movement with your hand on the outside). So that was pretty cool and a few times she did some big pokes which made the card jump. In a way I think I was more fascinated with it than Murray, even though I can actually feel it too.

In other Bunny news, she’s 21 weeks today. I haven’t taken a pic yet but will do so later (ie when I’ve had a shower. I know, it’s 5pm). I’ve booked us in to the birth and parenting classes run by the hospital (two full Saturdays in August, I may not open my eyes if they show us a birth video), and a calm birth course which is run over two Sundays in July (goodbye weekends). This is more of a hippy sort of thing where they teach you breathing and other calm-esque things with the idea that you have a lovely and peaceful birth. I know they are totally pro going natural with no drugs, but that’s not necessarily for me. I’m taking the ‘the more info I have the better’ approach, and letting the obstetrician make the rest of the big decisions. I figure if I have something that might calm my nerves (whether that’s a breathing technique or gin and tonics), it’ll help. My obs have the opinion that they only interfere when it’s needed, which I’m down with. I’ve also booked us in to a first aid course run by St John that is specifically about caring for kids and it covers resuscitation and wounds etc. Murray is worried I’m going to jump in and show them how it’s done, ha ha. I actually think I might get woozy at the idea of any sort of gruesome-ness. We’ll see.

Also, can you believe it’s been just over six months since we ran New York? I can’t. A lot has happened in those six months, but still. I can’t believe that was six months ago, and our last holiday overseas where we can be totally selfish and sleep in, shop, eat, drink and do whatever else people without kids do on holidays. Our friends Jules and Kate just ran the Madrid marathon, in a super quick 4:05hrs and 4hrs respectively. I’m so impressed. Kate only had baby Sarah 17 months ago.

Lots of love to you all. Our next visitors are Lisa and Sean in about 10 days’ time! So exciting. They’re off on a huge four month world trip, with Sydney being their first stop. Fuuuun.



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