Dog walking really is a full time job.

22 weeks today. May 12, 2010

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since I posted, oops. I had a busy week last week writing a story on washing machines for Home Beautiful (anyone need to buy a machine? I’m the full bottle), and this week’s been getting back to all the things I let slide last week. Ped’s been enjoying much longer walks so he’s pretty pleased. We went to Blackwattle Bay Park again today and he raced down to the water and found a stick for me to throw him, much to the amusement of the people who were tying their boat up. He’s pooped now, swimming always tires him out.

It’s been birthday central too – yesterday was Kevin and Nyomi’s little girl Tate (I just love her name), last week was my dad, today is Murray’s mum and tomorrow is my friend Claire. Oh and we had some friends have a baby boy last week, so his birthday’s now in there too.

Tonight I’m off on date night with Marshy – we decided that once a month we’d do a dinner just the two of us, so tonight is the first night. We both think the boys are slightly put out that they aren’t included, but whatevs. So we’re off to this little Jap place near Marsha’s which should be excellent. Also Muz and I have drawn up a list of restaurants we want to go to pre-Bunny, so on Saturday night we knocked off Longrain with M&J and Ash and Ben. Longrain wasn’t the intention, as we’d planned to get to Bodega early and get a table, but they were packed, so we put our names down there and at Longrain. Bodega called later to say forget it, and we got in to Longrain about 9pm (over two hours later). The wait was totally worth it, and luckily I’d only had lunch at 4pm so I wasn’t going to get hysterical. Lesson is to get there at 6pm on a weekend if you can’t book, or go mid week (probably two or four peeps is easier than six too). Oh, and read the parking signs, and get a ticket if you need to.

Tomorrow night Muz and I are off to see Vampire Weekend at the Hordern Pavillion. It’s close enough to home to walk (only about 3km), which means we won’t get another parking ticket (we’ve had two in the last week which total about $280. Not happy). In a move that is slightly late, I’m downloading their new album now. Probably should’ve done that months ago when we bought the tickets, but hey. I know at least one song off the album.

And Friday we have Lisa and Sean coming to stay for the weekend! They are off on their big five month world trip, first stop being Sydney, then on to LA. How fun. I’m fairly envious.

And to mark Bunny’s 22nd week here’s another odd baby fact – at this stage their hair is white as it has no pigment. Hows about that! Oh and Bunny’s pram has arrived which is pretty exciting too. God knows why I bought a pram first/so early, but there you go.



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