Dog walking really is a full time job.

Imagine if your weight doubled in four weeks… May 18, 2010

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That’s what Bunny is about to do apparently. I’ve noticed a big growth spurt in the last week (in my stomach anyway, and I’m assuming that’s got to do with her, not the crumble and icecream I’ve been eating). She’s also been moving a fair bit, and wouldn’t let me switch off in savasana at yoga today.

Today it has rained and rained. And rained. Ped and I were the only foolhardy ones in the park today, and he’s just crawled under my desk due to thunder and lightning. Lisa and Sean left us yesterday for their big 5 month world trip, so they timed it perfectly. The weather for their visit was pretty good so they got to see a nice side of Sydney. They’ll be in LA now, lucky things. It was really nice to have them around for the weekend, it just flew by, mainly because we seemed to eat a lot I think.

The last week’s been pretty busy – Ped’s been to Dogue again, we’ve had visitors (Lisa and Sean as I mentioned – read all about it here), Muz ran in the SMH half marathon on Sunday and generally I’ve been keeping myself busy. Can’t say I’ve achieved a whole lot, but I have crossed off lots of things on my list.

I’m keen to start getting Bunny’s room ready and getting her a few things – I know it’s all a long way off but I figure better to do it in stages rather than all in one hit. I went to BJ today and went to Target with the hope to get singlets and bodysuits but they were all hideous and didn’t feel very nice. I tried Bonds in Myer and their colours were too dull. So Bunny’s not done very well. I can’t make a decision on the cot and now am wondering if we should be getting a bassinet so she can sleep in our room for the first few months (it’s a SIDS thing). Of course I want her to be okay, but I also like the idea of us keeping the sanctuary of our bedroom. So many decisions. On a high note though, I did share a lift at BJ with a lady and her big fluffy exotic cat (he wasn’t even in a basket, she was just carrying him), who was making a visit to BJ to get a coat, because they were off to NZ and it was going to be -2 when they arrived. Apparently the cat travels a lot with them which explains why he wasn’t at all fussed about being at BJ. I think Muz was more upset when he paid a visit than this cat was.



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