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23 weeks (or just over). May 21, 2010

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hi gang,

The bump photo this week was somewhat delayed…for no good reason other than I didn’t get around to taking it. But here’s Bunny at 23 weeks and 2 days…

Not that these photos seem to change much from week to week, but in the last week she’s actually had a bit of a growth spurt. My stomach seems a lot bigger of late, and as I mentioned earlier, with the expectant doubling of Bunny’s weight in the next four weeks, the trend is set to continue. I think I’ve put on about 6kg so far which is about right (according to a birth website).

I’ve got a bit of nesting fever, and have been keen to get Bunny some things – right now I seem to acutely feel that other than a pram and a car seat, we don’t actually have anything to ensure her survival. So I hit Target hoping to get some little bodysuits (no joy) but I did see this…

Yep, it’s a fake fur all-in-one leopard outfit, complete with hood with ears and furry feet. Apparently they sleep in it. It’s way too big for Bunny, and probably a very flammable so I didn’t get it, but it’s still hilarious.

In other news, Liam was in town for work this week, so Marsh had us both over for dinner which was ace. We yelled at Masterchef and ate a packet of tim tams. And Ped got some couch time and we wore our ugg boots. It doesn’t get much better than that.



One Response to “23 weeks (or just over).”

  1. thetravellingolive Says:

    That all-in-one is…amazing. And definitely flammable!! Bunny’s lookin’ gooood.

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