Dog walking really is a full time job.

The new baby. May 27, 2010

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Like most babies, it started with love at first sight. Then things got a little shaky. And now we’re in love again.

So today was day of setting up the new imac. I love opening the box, smelling some sort of chemical packaging, reading the little book that tells me me and my mac “are made for each other” (aw), plugging it in, being welcomed by zooming type in lots of different languages set to ‘funky’ music, and then the easy, guided set up.

Then the wireless decided it wasn’t going to work. We couldn’t connect to the network, which resulted in hours of frustration (annooyyyiiing). It’s working now, so we’re happy again. What I also didn’t bank on (but which is pretty obvious) is the lack of things…like all my files, bookmarks and addresses. And all those emails I haven’t replied to, which are downloaded on my laptop. So I’ve done addresses (actually very easy), have started re-doing my bookmarks and files might have to be tomorrow. Or next week. But the new computer is ace (big screen! normal keyboard! mouse!) so I’m pretty happy. Muz will also be happy because he’s going to be working from home more (ie coming home in time to see Bunny, then logging on from here), and he hates my laptop. He accuses it of doing things like highlighting everything and clicking on things that he doesn’t want to click on. Funnily enough I have none of these problems. And he’s the one who can’t fast forward properly on the foxtel IQ…



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