Dog walking really is a full time job.

Eaterville. June 19, 2010

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Hi team,

Hope you are all going well, things here are good. I’ve got an update to the celeb sightings – on Friday Rach, Nathan and I had a morning coffee at a cafe around the corner from home (called Flat White), and as we were finishing we gave our table to no-one less than Nicole and Antonia Kidman. Yep. They are both really tall, and Nicole (despite all the work) is really beautiful. We tried not to stare (like everyone else in there, plus the cafe is about as big as our garage), but let’s face it, it’s Nicole Kidman.

R&N’s trip has been really nice – filled with mostly eating trips, we’ve checked out the toasted chicken sandies at Danks St Depot (amazing) and been to Fratelli Fresh (here are the kids at lunch), we’ve had dinner at Love Supreme and Mahjong Room, both of which were great.

Also important, I bought these pj pants for Muz to take on the babymoon – the print has a dog wearing a space helmet!

And another important thing, I have to quickly post this pic of these amazing cupcakes Drew made for us – Belgian chocolate, babies and all. Nom nom nom. More to come on that later.

okies I totally need a nap. talk soon.



27 down, around 13 to go. June 16, 2010

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hi hipsters,

Who can believe Bunny and I are cracking these kind of numbers? Not me. Even though the sun rises and sets each day with a total inevitability, when you’re 7 weeks pregnant you think you’re NEVER going to get there. You can’t imagine it (unsurprising given on a first pregnancy you’ve got no reference point) and it almost feels like it’s something that happens to other people – being huge, having a big tummy, and feeling a little person wriggling around inside you. Surprisingly for me, the wriggling bit doesn’t feel nearly as weird as I thought it would (I was sure it would be something akin to that oft-referenced scene from Alien). In fact it doesn’t feel weird at all, it feels right and it feels comforting, because it’s like her only way to communicate to you that she’s still going okay in there.

So here we are at 27 weeks:

I think I’m starting to look pretty decent-sized, although still not huuuge. I know I’ve got a lot of growing to do over the next three months.

So we had our babymoon over the weekend, and it was really nice to laze around together and do very little. We had dinner at Rick Stein’s on my bday (we got there about 9pm due to Muz having to work, so the packet of Twisties I ate in the car probably took the edge off my hunger and taste buds), and the food was ace. I had a lobster raviolo to start, Muz had crab cakes (crab cakes won but both were excellent). Then I had the yellow seafood curry which was sooo nommy, and Muz had some sort of seafoody thing with veg in a creamy aioli sauce. I’ve described it all wrong, but it was actually great. We also went to a long table lunch on Sunday at Cupitt’s Winery which was fun – I got in a strop when I found out it was a long table lunch (I wasn’t interested in making small talk with strangers, I just want to talk to my husband), but it was still really nice. We sat near some locals and some other peeps from Sydney (except like us, none of them were actually from Sydney – they clocked up Canada, America, Scotland and Ireland between them). Then the rest of the time we didn’t do much at all – lots of reading, sleeping and checking out a few local beaches, all of which were beautiful. Hyams Beach allegedly claims to have the whitest sand in the world (who is going to compare, I don’t know – but collecting all the ‘very white sand’ for comparison would be the job I’d put my hand up for) but seeing as we got there around sunset, it was pretty impossible to tell. It was quite white though.

And now we’re home again, and Muz is off working like a demon (again). He’s said not to expect to see much of him over the next few days, so it’s good timing that we have Rach and Nathan coming to stay tomorrow. Playmates! I’m currently deciding whether tomorrow we go to Fratelli Fresh for lunch or Rockpool Bar for wagyu burgers. Hard choices, I know.



26 weeks (and two days) and a babymoon to get to. June 11, 2010

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Hi team!

Bunny turned 26 weeks on Wednesday – I took a photo last night, so the bump is pretty true to form.

And while I’m not in the field of self-promotion (ahem), today’s my birthday, and Claire sent me some gorgeous roses last night.


SO we are off on babymoon today! Muz slightly changed our holiday plans by booking a work lunch (hmm) so instead of choofing off nice and early and beating the long weekend traffic, not having to rush or panic, being able to stop at the Berry bakery etc, I am now picking him up from work whenever he gets out of lunch (Friday corporate lunch – you work it out), we are zooming to Ped’s dog hotel to drop him off, hopefully beating the long weekend traffic, getting to our accom and then getting to Rick Stein’s in time for our dinner booking. I hate this sort of time pressure stuff when it’s things you can’t control (ie traffic). The dog boarding shuts at 530pm too, so we really better make it in time there. Am sure we will…thinking positive. He did give me some lovely bday pressies (peter alexander maternity pjs which look like an elephant could fit in, with matching baby bodysuit, aw; max brenner hot chocolate mix – hot chocs are my coffee substitute; and a replacement E charm for the one I lost, oops).

Anyway, last night Marsh, Liam, Muz and I grabbed a bite at Chairman Mao – just a Chinese place in Kensington but OMG was it amazing. We had Chairman Mao’s braised pork, smoked stir fried pork with five spice bean curd, eggplant and chilli, fish and pickled green chilli, and cabbage stir fried with chilli. Hunanese food is, obviously, big on chilli. It was amazing, and totally close to home so hopefully we’ll be going back and making ourselves regulars.

okay better go pack and stuff. thanks for all the bday wishes too, team. big hugs.



Baby, baby, baby. June 9, 2010

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That’s kind of how my brain is going at the moment. I seem to always be thinking something baby-related, or going off on baby-related tangents when I’m supposed to be working (hello, uncompleted story that I need to finish today). Now I’m writing about being distracted with baby thoughts, when actually what I’m doing is looking for a baby-related distraction from my work . And this is what Baby Brain really is. It’s not some medical condition that comes with pregnancy (unlike back pain, stomach acid, swelling, worsening eyesight and myriad other stuff), it’s the total preoccupation with what’s going on inside you. And fair enough too, especially when it’s your first time. If you aren’t actually feeling the baby move (it’s hard not to think about the baby at those times), you’re wondering if it’s okay (you haven’t strangled yourself with your umbilical cord, have you?), you’re wondering how many more onesies you need to buy (what if her feet don’t fit? do you get long sleeve or short sleeve? how many? etc), you’re wondering if you’ll ever lose weight/exercise/feel like yourself again, you’re wondering why on earth you haven’t seen more hoodies with ears this season (seriously, where ARE they?), you’re wondering if you should put the baby straight into a cot in their room or have a bassinet in your room (the obvious answer for me is cot, but SIDS say to have them in your room…), you’re wondering how you’re going to walk the dog who pulls on his lead while maneuvering a pram without spilling your child out of it, you’re wondering if you’re going to overheat the child (or freeze them) when they’re asleep, you’re wondering why on earth change tables are just so ugly and expensive (ditto baby bags), and you’re wondering just exactly what it’s all going to be like. And that’s just a few things. Oh, and you’re wondering just what you’re going to name this little person. I really do think about other things, I swear, it’s just that some days it’s alllll about the baby. I’ve been distracted today by the following baby-related things:

Name I’ve started reading the credits on TV shows looking for inspiration (read as, I’m desperate). Turns out much of what’s on Foxtel is made by people from Hispanic descent, and mostly men. I swear we didn’t get Pedro’s name this way.

Cot Finally have chosen a cot and put down a deposit. Phew. She’ll have somewhere to sleep.

Losing weight post-baby One damn blog site sent me off on a tangent. It’s not even relevant yet, it’s not like I can do anything about it. “What’s Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred? Sounds promising…” (click, click, click)

Making an osteo appointment for the pain in my bum/back that is now getting worse Okay that didn’t take very long, but after I’d done it, I did write my ‘to do’ list for the day and put it on, then crossed it off.

Reading the 26 week baby email I got today Right on cue, this back pain gets worse at exactly the same time they email about it.

Talking to Bunny when she’s kicking At same time wondering if I should start speaking French around the house more – because clearly that way she will come out saying “Bonjour Maman, ou est notre petit chien?” and being totally cute.

Writing this post That’s fairly obvious…

And finally – it seems like babies can hear lots in utero. Small babies were found (in some study apparently) to calm down when they heard the Neighbours theme tune (because their mums watched it while pregnant). So Bunny is going to go to sleep to the Masterchef theme tune, and also Supernanny (my current how-to-parent training manual, although she does seem to specialise in families with nightmare twins, an average of five kids per family and often a mother who is either single or mostly on her own. And virtually no babies).

In amongst all this though, I have managed to walk Ped, pay some bills, and write most of a story I need to get done.

And on that note, I’ve probably wasted enough time now that I should get back to the story, which is on a chocolatier in the States – Fritz Knipshildt (yes, that’s his real name). He even said that he wants “Knipschildt” to become a household name…go ahead, try it out. I think he might need to do something like Lindt did, which is drop the Sprungli for most of their marketing…maybe just ‘Fritz’ will do. Although that has connotations of something not working (on the fritz), so maybe just Knip…hmmm. Clearly I’m no marketer.


PS Marsh and I went to see S&TC2 last night – OMG. Racist, neurotic, grotesque, embarrassing, ignorant. Did I mention racist? Obvious product placement. They all looked too rich, even though the clothes were (mostly) beautiful. Sometimes they looked like clowns. SJP is so thin. The wardrobe budget was US$10m, with Carrie’s karaoke outfit costing over $50k (thanks to the $48,000 gold & silver Chanel dress thingy and some $4000 embellished jeans). Carrie & Big’s apartment was beautiful though, and seeing Liza sing “Single Ladies” was worth it. As was eating lots of Kit Kats.


OMG. June 4, 2010

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Okay, television doesn’t get much more exciting than this. Tonight’s Masterchef was filmed in Victor Churchill  (the butcher up in Woollahra that Marsh and I get unreasonably excited over), and the celeb chef is Fergus Henderson of St John fame (we went there on our honeymoon in London and saw Ralph Fiennes – dining alone, we should’ve asked him over)!! OMG!!! I remember when they shut the shop to film this ep, it wasn’t long after we’d moved here, I think in March. If only I’d known about Fergus, I’d have staked the place out (and said what, exactly? I love your bone marrow and parsley salad? Unlikely).



Japan, China and South Eastern Australia.

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Marsh and I had our monthly date night this week. We’d tried last date night to get a table at Wafu, a Japanese restaurant around the corner from Rainford, only to be turned away saying they were full (they really didn’t look it, but we figured they had bookings). As we were walking away I realised that this was the same restaurant I’d read about in the SMH – the owner got sick of wasteful patrons and has instigated a set of rules, that if you decided to dine there you need to stick by. When Marsh and I realised that we could have our very own date with crazy, we decided we had to go back.

So I tried to book a table, only to be told that because we weren’t club members (really – there’s a club), I couldn’t. We had to front up one night, read the signs on the door VERY CAREFULLY (which we didn’t do last time, we just waltzed straight in), then if we agreed we could come in and see if they had a table free. So we did that on Tuesday night, fully aware of the Rules of Crazy. These are:

1. Order only what you can eat.

2. Eat everything on your plate (except wasabi, pickled ginger and lemon slices).

3. As you eat, think ‘arigatou’ and thank the Earth.

4. If you order takeaway, BYO containers.

So we turned up, spent what we thought was a reasonable amount of time studying the door, and went in and got a table. Step 1 complete. The place was pretty quiet, and I heard “two new people” being announced in the kitchen. We were terrified to laugh or talk loudly incase they thought we were laughing at them. It reminded me a bit of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi. Marsh actually said “I’m worried we might not be able to finish” so we held back on our ordering. What we had was excellent – all their food is gluten, dairy and egg free – my miso was so nommy, and we had great edamame (cue us both panicking that maybe we had to eat the shells too), this crisp fried tofu and soft eggplant with miso sauce, really succulent chicken yakitori and some fried sort of fish ball thing. It was all great, and we cleaned our plates. Step 2 complete.

The next bit was to see whether we’d pass, and not be the hateful customers the owner despised – would we be offered to join the club? And yes, thankfully because we cleared our plates we were both offered (and accepted) customer numbers, that we have to quote next time we book. So we both felt a degree of success. Oh, and if you finish everything you get 30% off your bill (so dinner was utterly reasonable). If you don’t finish, you get 30% added to your bill, and asked to not come back. The atmos was really lacking though – great food but we felt pretty scared to make noise. Maybe next time will be different. So to relax we went to Bird Cow Fish and had sweets. Phew.

So China – Muz just got back from Shanghai this morning. He didn’t get to eat any Chinese food while we was there, so we might get takeaway tonight. Too funny. One lemon chicken and one beef with black bean please. He did bring me home a business card of his with one side translated into Chinese (Murray Wheater in Chinese is about three characters), and some Prada perfume and a touche eclat! What a good boy.

Next weekend we are off on babymoon, down south to Sanctuary Point. This is where we’re staying:

And Muz has booked Friday night dinner at Rick Stein’s restaurant at Bannisters, which I’m totally pumped about, especially after seeing Rick on Masterchef this week. Sunday lunch we’re off to Cupitt’s winery, where M&J had an awesome meal, so that’s exciting too. And we’ll do some cooking at our little place and read and snuggle and relax. Fun!

Pedro is off on his own doggy holiday too. I’ve booked him in to Hanrob, which among other things has hilarious offerings such as a suite for your pet (complete with human bed, tv playing Animal Planet and piped music), a man-made beach in their play enclosure and aromatherapy wash on departure. Ped is staying in the less salubrious digs (no tv for him) but I’m sure it’ll still be nice (and it still has piped music).

And in Bunny news that I should’ve included yesterday, at 25 weeks she can now open her eyes and blink! Amazing. Although why you’d want all that gunk in your eyes is beyond me.



25 weeks and the pup. June 3, 2010

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hi gang,

well it’s another rainy Sydney day. Had I realised it was going to turn wet and grey all arvo I would’ve taken advantage of the relative sun this morning and took the dog out. Instead we’ve been throwing his bunny rattle as I work. It might have done something to help because he’s sleeping under the desk now. But he does sleep an awful lot. Here’s a pic from today just in case you’ve forgotten what he looks like…

Muz is in Shanghai at the moment. He flew up yesterday morning (as in, he left here yesterday morning – I think he called me from his hotel just after midnight, so it was a long journey), and he’s presenting some big report to clients today. I think it’s a six hour presentation and he’s doing it solo (with a translator – ni hao! why didn’t they ask me to do it?). Meanwhile I’m writing a story on a bathroom reno (which I do like, I’d much rather be doing that than being asked hard questions by clients). Breaking the big stories here, peeps.

Bunny is 25 weeks now (yesterday, actually). I haven’t really noticed an increase in movement but some of her moves are stronger. She goes crazy in nap time at the end of yoga, I’m not sure why. Readjusting herself after being moved around and squished? My ob told me it was ‘all downhill’ from here on Monday. I asked if he meant downhill in a good way or a bad way…he didn’t really clarify, although did tell me a great story about one patient who was warned she’d have a quick labour (how did he know that?), but decided to attend a gallery opening near her due date. And, yes, her waters broke all over the floor and she went in to full on labour in the gallery. She got to hospital, gave one push and it came out. Again, is this a story that’s supposed to give me confidence, or not? I do like my ob though, he’s pretty funny. Plus he liked my Bulgari ring, so tick to that. I’m feeling pretty good in general. I have a bit of butt pain which is apparently something to do with the bones in the spine/pelvis area, but other than that I’m apples. Here we are at 25 weeks.

So anyway, tonight I’m being babysat by Marsh and Jamie which will be nice, and I’m off to the RTA to get the murano’s WA plates changed for NSW ones. People will no longer be able to think I’m a lost muppet from out of town, they’ll just think I’m a lost muppet. And Muz will be home tomorrow morning, yay! I hate him being so far away, but it’s a good reminder of how much I love him being near me the rest of the time. And then in two weeks we’ve got Rachael and Nathan coming to stay, fun!!

lots of love,