Dog walking really is a full time job.

25 weeks and the pup. June 3, 2010

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hi gang,

well it’s another rainy Sydney day. Had I realised it was going to turn wet and grey all arvo I would’ve taken advantage of the relative sun this morning and took the dog out. Instead we’ve been throwing his bunny rattle as I work. It might have done something to help because he’s sleeping under the desk now. But he does sleep an awful lot. Here’s a pic from today just in case you’ve forgotten what he looks like…

Muz is in Shanghai at the moment. He flew up yesterday morning (as in, he left here yesterday morning – I think he called me from his hotel just after midnight, so it was a long journey), and he’s presenting some big report to clients today. I think it’s a six hour presentation and he’s doing it solo (with a translator – ni hao! why didn’t they ask me to do it?). Meanwhile I’m writing a story on a bathroom reno (which I do like, I’d much rather be doing that than being asked hard questions by clients). Breaking the big stories here, peeps.

Bunny is 25 weeks now (yesterday, actually). I haven’t really noticed an increase in movement but some of her moves are stronger. She goes crazy in nap time at the end of yoga, I’m not sure why. Readjusting herself after being moved around and squished? My ob told me it was ‘all downhill’ from here on Monday. I asked if he meant downhill in a good way or a bad way…he didn’t really clarify, although did tell me a great story about one patient who was warned she’d have a quick labour (how did he know that?), but decided to attend a gallery opening near her due date. And, yes, her waters broke all over the floor and she went in to full on labour in the gallery. She got to hospital, gave one push and it came out. Again, is this a story that’s supposed to give me confidence, or not? I do like my ob though, he’s pretty funny. Plus he liked my Bulgari ring, so tick to that. I’m feeling pretty good in general. I have a bit of butt pain which is apparently something to do with the bones in the spine/pelvis area, but other than that I’m apples. Here we are at 25 weeks.

So anyway, tonight I’m being babysat by Marsh and Jamie which will be nice, and I’m off to the RTA to get the murano’s WA plates changed for NSW ones. People will no longer be able to think I’m a lost muppet from out of town, they’ll just think I’m a lost muppet. And Muz will be home tomorrow morning, yay! I hate him being so far away, but it’s a good reminder of how much I love him being near me the rest of the time. And then in two weeks we’ve got Rachael and Nathan coming to stay, fun!!

lots of love,



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