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Japan, China and South Eastern Australia. June 4, 2010

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Marsh and I had our monthly date night this week. We’d tried last date night to get a table at Wafu, a Japanese restaurant around the corner from Rainford, only to be turned away saying they were full (they really didn’t look it, but we figured they had bookings). As we were walking away I realised that this was the same restaurant I’d read about in the SMH – the owner got sick of wasteful patrons and has instigated a set of rules, that if you decided to dine there you need to stick by. When Marsh and I realised that we could have our very own date with crazy, we decided we had to go back.

So I tried to book a table, only to be told that because we weren’t club members (really – there’s a club), I couldn’t. We had to front up one night, read the signs on the door VERY CAREFULLY (which we didn’t do last time, we just waltzed straight in), then if we agreed we could come in and see if they had a table free. So we did that on Tuesday night, fully aware of the Rules of Crazy. These are:

1. Order only what you can eat.

2. Eat everything on your plate (except wasabi, pickled ginger and lemon slices).

3. As you eat, think ‘arigatou’ and thank the Earth.

4. If you order takeaway, BYO containers.

So we turned up, spent what we thought was a reasonable amount of time studying the door, and went in and got a table. Step 1 complete. The place was pretty quiet, and I heard “two new people” being announced in the kitchen. We were terrified to laugh or talk loudly incase they thought we were laughing at them. It reminded me a bit of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi. Marsh actually said “I’m worried we might not be able to finish” so we held back on our ordering. What we had was excellent – all their food is gluten, dairy and egg free – my miso was so nommy, and we had great edamame (cue us both panicking that maybe we had to eat the shells too), this crisp fried tofu and soft eggplant with miso sauce, really succulent chicken yakitori and some fried sort of fish ball thing. It was all great, and we cleaned our plates. Step 2 complete.

The next bit was to see whether we’d pass, and not be the hateful customers the owner despised – would we be offered to join the club? And yes, thankfully because we cleared our plates we were both offered (and accepted) customer numbers, that we have to quote next time we book. So we both felt a degree of success. Oh, and if you finish everything you get 30% off your bill (so dinner was utterly reasonable). If you don’t finish, you get 30% added to your bill, and asked to not come back. The atmos was really lacking though – great food but we felt pretty scared to make noise. Maybe next time will be different. So to relax we went to Bird Cow Fish and had sweets. Phew.

So China – Muz just got back from Shanghai this morning. He didn’t get to eat any Chinese food while we was there, so we might get takeaway tonight. Too funny. One lemon chicken and one beef with black bean please. He did bring me home a business card of his with one side translated into Chinese (Murray Wheater in Chinese is about three characters), and some Prada perfume and a touche eclat! What a good boy.

Next weekend we are off on babymoon, down south to Sanctuary Point. This is where we’re staying:

And Muz has booked Friday night dinner at Rick Stein’s restaurant at Bannisters, which I’m totally pumped about, especially after seeing Rick on Masterchef this week. Sunday lunch we’re off to Cupitt’s winery, where M&J had an awesome meal, so that’s exciting too. And we’ll do some cooking at our little place and read and snuggle and relax. Fun!

Pedro is off on his own doggy holiday too. I’ve booked him in to Hanrob, which among other things has hilarious offerings such as a suite for your pet (complete with human bed, tv playing Animal Planet and piped music), a man-made beach in their play enclosure and aromatherapy wash on departure. Ped is staying in the less salubrious digs (no tv for him) but I’m sure it’ll still be nice (and it still has piped music).

And in Bunny news that I should’ve included yesterday, at 25 weeks she can now open her eyes and blink! Amazing. Although why you’d want all that gunk in your eyes is beyond me.



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