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OMG. June 4, 2010

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Okay, television doesn’t get much more exciting than this. Tonight’s Masterchef was filmed in Victor Churchill  (the butcher up in Woollahra that Marsh and I get unreasonably excited over), and the celeb chef is Fergus Henderson of St John fame (we went there on our honeymoon in London and saw Ralph Fiennes – dining alone, we should’ve asked him over)!! OMG!!! I remember when they shut the shop to film this ep, it wasn’t long after we’d moved here, I think in March. If only I’d known about Fergus, I’d have staked the place out (and said what, exactly? I love your bone marrow and parsley salad? Unlikely).



One Response to “OMG.”

  1. Marshie Says:

    Argh, I missed this one! I totally remember when we were walking past a couple of months ago and there was a sign up saying they were filming that Sunday. Maybe I can watch it online… xx

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