Dog walking really is a full time job.

Baby, baby, baby. June 9, 2010

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That’s kind of how my brain is going at the moment. I seem to always be thinking something baby-related, or going off on baby-related tangents when I’m supposed to be working (hello, uncompleted story that I need to finish today). Now I’m writing about being distracted with baby thoughts, when actually what I’m doing is looking for a baby-related distraction from my work . And this is what Baby Brain really is. It’s not some medical condition that comes with pregnancy (unlike back pain, stomach acid, swelling, worsening eyesight and myriad other stuff), it’s the total preoccupation with what’s going on inside you. And fair enough too, especially when it’s your first time. If you aren’t actually feeling the baby move (it’s hard not to think about the baby at those times), you’re wondering if it’s okay (you haven’t strangled yourself with your umbilical cord, have you?), you’re wondering how many more onesies you need to buy (what if her feet don’t fit? do you get long sleeve or short sleeve? how many? etc), you’re wondering if you’ll ever lose weight/exercise/feel like yourself again, you’re wondering why on earth you haven’t seen more hoodies with ears this season (seriously, where ARE they?), you’re wondering if you should put the baby straight into a cot in their room or have a bassinet in your room (the obvious answer for me is cot, but SIDS say to have them in your room…), you’re wondering how you’re going to walk the dog who pulls on his lead while maneuvering a pram without spilling your child out of it, you’re wondering if you’re going to overheat the child (or freeze them) when they’re asleep, you’re wondering why on earth change tables are just so ugly and expensive (ditto baby bags), and you’re wondering just exactly what it’s all going to be like. And that’s just a few things. Oh, and you’re wondering just what you’re going to name this little person. I really do think about other things, I swear, it’s just that some days it’s alllll about the baby. I’ve been distracted today by the following baby-related things:

Name I’ve started reading the credits on TV shows looking for inspiration (read as, I’m desperate). Turns out much of what’s on Foxtel is made by people from Hispanic descent, and mostly men. I swear we didn’t get Pedro’s name this way.

Cot Finally have chosen a cot and put down a deposit. Phew. She’ll have somewhere to sleep.

Losing weight post-baby One damn blog site sent me off on a tangent. It’s not even relevant yet, it’s not like I can do anything about it. “What’s Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred? Sounds promising…” (click, click, click)

Making an osteo appointment for the pain in my bum/back that is now getting worse Okay that didn’t take very long, but after I’d done it, I did write my ‘to do’ list for the day and put it on, then crossed it off.

Reading the 26 week baby email I got today Right on cue, this back pain gets worse at exactly the same time they email about it.

Talking to Bunny when she’s kicking At same time wondering if I should start speaking French around the house more – because clearly that way she will come out saying “Bonjour Maman, ou est notre petit chien?” and being totally cute.

Writing this post That’s fairly obvious…

And finally – it seems like babies can hear lots in utero. Small babies were found (in some study apparently) to calm down when they heard the Neighbours theme tune (because their mums watched it while pregnant). So Bunny is going to go to sleep to the Masterchef theme tune, and also Supernanny (my current how-to-parent training manual, although she does seem to specialise in families with nightmare twins, an average of five kids per family and often a mother who is either single or mostly on her own. And virtually no babies).

In amongst all this though, I have managed to walk Ped, pay some bills, and write most of a story I need to get done.

And on that note, I’ve probably wasted enough time now that I should get back to the story, which is on a chocolatier in the States – Fritz Knipshildt (yes, that’s his real name). He even said that he wants “Knipschildt” to become a household name…go ahead, try it out. I think he might need to do something like Lindt did, which is drop the Sprungli for most of their marketing…maybe just ‘Fritz’ will do. Although that has connotations of something not working (on the fritz), so maybe just Knip…hmmm. Clearly I’m no marketer.


PS Marsh and I went to see S&TC2 last night – OMG. Racist, neurotic, grotesque, embarrassing, ignorant. Did I mention racist? Obvious product placement. They all looked too rich, even though the clothes were (mostly) beautiful. Sometimes they looked like clowns. SJP is so thin. The wardrobe budget was US$10m, with Carrie’s karaoke outfit costing over $50k (thanks to the $48,000 gold & silver Chanel dress thingy and some $4000 embellished jeans). Carrie & Big’s apartment was beautiful though, and seeing Liza sing “Single Ladies” was worth it. As was eating lots of Kit Kats.


2 Responses to “Baby, baby, baby.”

  1. Jac Says:

    I totally relate to doing something, writing it down on my ‘to do’ list then proudly crossing it out. Ah, so satisfying. P.S. Love to Bunny.

  2. Rach Says:

    I am also a devotee of the writing a to-do list so I can cross at least two items off.

    And there’s no way in icy, Pat-Field-purple hell they actually paid for any of that Chanel encrusted denim BS – surely the designers threw everything at them gratis?
    Did you notice Carrie wore THREE incarnations of the same pleated Halston frock? I was mostly disappointed by wardrobe, but the settings and apartments were all amazing. Also, the movie itself was so awful – but agree re Liza. I really want her to conduct my wedding ceremony also.

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