Dog walking really is a full time job.

26 weeks (and two days) and a babymoon to get to. June 11, 2010

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Hi team!

Bunny turned 26 weeks on Wednesday – I took a photo last night, so the bump is pretty true to form.

And while I’m not in the field of self-promotion (ahem), today’s my birthday, and Claire sent me some gorgeous roses last night.


SO we are off on babymoon today! Muz slightly changed our holiday plans by booking a work lunch (hmm) so instead of choofing off nice and early and beating the long weekend traffic, not having to rush or panic, being able to stop at the Berry bakery etc, I am now picking him up from work whenever he gets out of lunch (Friday corporate lunch – you work it out), we are zooming to Ped’s dog hotel to drop him off, hopefully beating the long weekend traffic, getting to our accom and then getting to Rick Stein’s in time for our dinner booking. I hate this sort of time pressure stuff when it’s things you can’t control (ie traffic). The dog boarding shuts at 530pm too, so we really better make it in time there. Am sure we will…thinking positive. He did give me some lovely bday pressies (peter alexander maternity pjs which look like an elephant could fit in, with matching baby bodysuit, aw; max brenner hot chocolate mix – hot chocs are my coffee substitute; and a replacement E charm for the one I lost, oops).

Anyway, last night Marsh, Liam, Muz and I grabbed a bite at Chairman Mao – just a Chinese place in Kensington but OMG was it amazing. We had Chairman Mao’s braised pork, smoked stir fried pork with five spice bean curd, eggplant and chilli, fish and pickled green chilli, and cabbage stir fried with chilli. Hunanese food is, obviously, big on chilli. It was amazing, and totally close to home so hopefully we’ll be going back and making ourselves regulars.

okay better go pack and stuff. thanks for all the bday wishes too, team. big hugs.



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