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27 down, around 13 to go. June 16, 2010

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hi hipsters,

Who can believe Bunny and I are cracking these kind of numbers? Not me. Even though the sun rises and sets each day with a total inevitability, when you’re 7 weeks pregnant you think you’re NEVER going to get there. You can’t imagine it (unsurprising given on a first pregnancy you’ve got no reference point) and it almost feels like it’s something that happens to other people – being huge, having a big tummy, and feeling a little person wriggling around inside you. Surprisingly for me, the wriggling bit doesn’t feel nearly as weird as I thought it would (I was sure it would be something akin to that oft-referenced scene from Alien). In fact it doesn’t feel weird at all, it feels right and it feels comforting, because it’s like her only way to communicate to you that she’s still going okay in there.

So here we are at 27 weeks:

I think I’m starting to look pretty decent-sized, although still not huuuge. I know I’ve got a lot of growing to do over the next three months.

So we had our babymoon over the weekend, and it was really nice to laze around together and do very little. We had dinner at Rick Stein’s on my bday (we got there about 9pm due to Muz having to work, so the packet of Twisties I ate in the car probably took the edge off my hunger and taste buds), and the food was ace. I had a lobster raviolo to start, Muz had crab cakes (crab cakes won but both were excellent). Then I had the yellow seafood curry which was sooo nommy, and Muz had some sort of seafoody thing with veg in a creamy aioli sauce. I’ve described it all wrong, but it was actually great. We also went to a long table lunch on Sunday at Cupitt’s Winery which was fun – I got in a strop when I found out it was a long table lunch (I wasn’t interested in making small talk with strangers, I just want to talk to my husband), but it was still really nice. We sat near some locals and some other peeps from Sydney (except like us, none of them were actually from Sydney – they clocked up Canada, America, Scotland and Ireland between them). Then the rest of the time we didn’t do much at all – lots of reading, sleeping and checking out a few local beaches, all of which were beautiful. Hyams Beach allegedly claims to have the whitest sand in the world (who is going to compare, I don’t know – but collecting all the ‘very white sand’ for comparison would be the job I’d put my hand up for) but seeing as we got there around sunset, it was pretty impossible to tell. It was quite white though.

And now we’re home again, and Muz is off working like a demon (again). He’s said not to expect to see much of him over the next few days, so it’s good timing that we have Rach and Nathan coming to stay tomorrow. Playmates! I’m currently deciding whether tomorrow we go to Fratelli Fresh for lunch or Rockpool Bar for wagyu burgers. Hard choices, I know.



One Response to “27 down, around 13 to go.”

  1. thetravellingolive Says:

    Oh my god, dear Weetie! I can’t believe the difference from 26 weeks to 27 weeks..you can actually seen how much Bunny has grown and it’s just beautiful!

    So glad to hear the babymoon went well..Rick Stein’s sounds amazing – I saw he was doing some cooking class with seafood in Perth (although i could have read this ompletely incorrectly).

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