Dog walking really is a full time job.

Eaterville. June 19, 2010

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Hi team,

Hope you are all going well, things here are good. I’ve got an update to the celeb sightings – on Friday Rach, Nathan and I had a morning coffee at a cafe around the corner from home (called Flat White), and as we were finishing we gave our table to no-one less than Nicole and Antonia Kidman. Yep. They are both really tall, and Nicole (despite all the work) is really beautiful. We tried not to stare (like everyone else in there, plus the cafe is about as big as our garage), but let’s face it, it’s Nicole Kidman.

R&N’s trip has been really nice – filled with mostly eating trips, we’ve checked out the toasted chicken sandies at Danks St Depot (amazing) and been to Fratelli Fresh (here are the kids at lunch), we’ve had dinner at Love Supreme and Mahjong Room, both of which were great.

Also important, I bought these pj pants for Muz to take on the babymoon – the print has a dog wearing a space helmet!

And another important thing, I have to quickly post this pic of these amazing cupcakes Drew made for us – Belgian chocolate, babies and all. Nom nom nom. More to come on that later.

okies I totally need a nap. talk soon.



One Response to “Eaterville.”

  1. Rach Says:

    That photo of Muz is adorable. Also, we’re missing you guys and the paddington pad heaps- but thanks for the best weekend ever! x

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