Dog walking really is a full time job.

Bunny’s room. July 31, 2010

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Finally, we have our bits of Bunny furniture back from the polisher/upholsterer. Muz picked up the chair this morning while I was at yoga, and assembled the change table. What a good boy. I’m stoked with the drawers and chair, I really love them. The room is getting there now, still a few things to sort out but it’s looking nice and like the sort of room that a baby could feel happy in.

Our friends Kevin and Nyomi sent over a ‘care package’ of their daughter Tate’s clothes from her first year, so we are loaded up with gorgeous little outfits, which is totally exciting. The drawers are pretty much full. It took me hours to unpack and sort out, probably because instead of being efficient about it, I had to unfurl everything and squeal about how small and cute it all was.



33 weeks.

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hi gang!

finally, here’s the week 33 pic. I really think I’ve (or Bunny) has grown this week. I look pretty huge. Hilariously, I’m going to get bigger, and no doubt will become HUGE (note the difference is all in the CAPS). Still, it’s all supposed to happen that way.

The big Bunny news this week is that she’s in breech, which means she’s feet first. I can actually feel her head, which is kind of cool. She’s been moving lots, and especially likes our days at Home Beautiful. I think she’s gunning for a job writing on Who, and spends a lot of time preening just in case she meets someone important. So anyway, our obstetrician has given her two weeks (which is actually just over a week now) to turn around on her own. If she doesn’t turn, then we start talking ‘options’. Which I’m guessing means we either decide on a birth plan that takes one of a few different paths: book in for a caesar, or try a natural birth even if she’s in breech with the idea that it may end in a caesar anyway. I’ve got some positions from my yoga teacher to try to get her to turn, and I’m going to get some acupuncture next week – which apparently is good for it. Either way we’ve still got a few weeks to go, and she may turn anyway. The ob says only 1% of babies end up in breech by 40 weeks. However both Marsh and I were breech, so clearly that percentage is wrong. Clearly.



And this is where I work… July 29, 2010

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Look! It’s got signage! It’s the little things that really get me. Like a kitchen sink that doesn’t bubble up with some indistinguishable brown stuff. Like lifts. Like security passes (beep!). I’m really easily pleased (amused?) when it comes to the work environment…


Public toilets.

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I don’t know why, but I’ve put a bit of thought into this lately. Perhaps it’s because I’m working at a place that has more than one female toilet (and it’s clean! and it has toilet roll holders!) that this has occurred to me. But I’ve noticed that I have a public toilet policy that goes along the lines of: if you’ve used a particular toilet that day, then re-use it on your next visit. I think that somehow it reduces your odds of how many strangers have used that particular cubicle, because you are making up numbers with multiple visits of your own. Clearly this has no logic behind it (it assumes that all stalls are visited equally and on some sort of rotational basis and that not everyone else in the building has also chosen the same ‘favourite’ toilet as you have). But I still stick to it. And I’ve realised that I’ve always done this – pubs, nightclubs (I’m making myself sound a whole lot more lively than I ever really have been). Anyway, it’s interested me as a little quirk I obviously have, and it made me wonder if this is just some weird thing that I do, or if everyone else has got some public toilet preferential system going on. Fascinating.


bad, bad, bad.

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Hi gang!

Yep, it’s been, like, weeks. Life just seemed to get all biz all of a sudden, co-inciding with me being too tired at night to blog. Which isn’t really good enough. Anyway, to make things easier, I’m going to blog in bite sized bits. Because we all know our attention spans are pretty short.


Here we were at 31 weeks…

Which was a fortnight ago. Now I thought I really did take a week 32 photo but…it doesn’t seem to be anywhere. Ah. See, things have gotten really out of control. To substitute, here is a photo of Ped after a visit to Dogue (he rolled in mud at the park and was really stinky).

And this week’s week 33 pic will come shortly…I promise.



Vampires and babies. July 8, 2010

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Almost forgot – Marsh and I had date night this week and we opted to join the rest of the kids and go see Eclipse. We had GREAT Chinese at BJ before the film (oyster sauce greens and an eggplant and spicy pork mince hot pot), and then, armed with peanut m&ms and a block of chocolate, sat down with our fellow emos to enjoy the movie. I have to say I actually liked it – waaaay better than New Moon (which isn’t saying much I know), but plenty of Jacob-without-shirt and the acting, makeup and CGI was much better (I would like to know though how they succeed in making the Cullen family less attractive in the film than the actors are in real life. Aren’t they meant to be breath-takingly gorgeous as vampires??). And Bella was less irritating now that she’s not being all teen-angst-my-boyfriend’s-gone. We almost ate all the m&ms and I had the chocolate block sitting on my lap – by the end of the film it was totally melted, which was actually pretty funny.

And today’s big news – the cot has arrived! And while I thought it would be almost impossible, I have assembled it myself. It wasn’t easy (you try getting screws in while holding an end in one hand and a side in the other) but I did it, and I’m stoked with myself. Only problem is I’ve done something wrong, because the drop down side isn’t dropping down. Sigh. So that’s a job for the weekend, I can’t be bothered undoing it all now that it looks the part.

We have another house guest this weekend – my buddy Clare from Perth. She’s on her way to the US for a lovely big holiday, but I get her first for nearly four days! Awesome. And I spoke to Kingsley’s mum Bea today, and they are coming for a visit in August, which will be ace. They are off to NZ to see family but we get them going in one direction. Only shame is that Wellington won’t be able to come along too, so Ped will have to sniff them instead of sniffing W. He’ll be SO excited (as will we – minus the sniffing).

Also coming up this weekend is the first day in our ‘calm birth’ course. I’m expecting a lot of calm breathing exercises. I think it’s all a bit ‘no drugs, go natural, go home’ in theory (which clearly I’m not about to back myself into that corner – hello private hospital), but I figure if I can find a way to make this birth thing less terrifying for me, it’s going to help Bunny too. We’ve got a more traditional hospital birth course too, that’s starting in August. I’m just praying we don’t see lots of birth videos (actually I don’t want to see any birth videos). I’m not very earth mother. I know it’s natural and the miracle of life etc etc, but I’m still amazed by fax machines, let me get used to one thing at a time.

lots of love,


ps masterchef tonight, even though I’ll miss some of it – aaron better be packing his dirty beanie and going home. How many more times can he cook substandard food and remain the top ten?!


Happy 30th!

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So we’ve finally hit our 30s. Also it’s totally not warm here, but I had to take off my long cardi for the photo. It’s actually pretty cold and grey. Ped and I are holed up in the study waiting for Bunny’s cot and change table to arrive, which is sometime between 11am and 4pm. Boring. But ace that it’s on its way! I can’t wait to set up her room properly.

So what’s 30 weeks all about? Well, we’re at the start of the 31st week, and Bunny should weigh around 1.5kg. Apparently her brain is increasing in size and complexity and her pupils can react to light. Changes for me are meant to include swelling (so far haven’t really noticed any which is great), in addition to all the other things we’ve accumulated along the way (back pain, anyone?).

Last week I signed up to a weekly pick-up of organic (or no chemicals used) fruit and veg, which comes direct from farmers in NSW. This Monday was the first box and I picked it up after work. You don’t know what you’re getting but it’s always seasonal. I’ve signed up just for a small one for a month to see how we go. At $35 I think it’s pretty reasonable.

So there were some great heirloom tomatoes, mandarins, oranges, bananas, pumpkin, beetroot, chinese broccoli, spuds, garlic and a beautiful leek. I used the leek that night with a simple chicken and rice dish, and have been tucking into the fruit. Last night I used the bunch of chinese greens with some bbq pork I bought at the weekend markets – so quick and easy and so yummy. We’re out on date night tonight (Four in Hand dining room) so I won’t use any veg tonight, but I’m going to do my best to use things up as much as I can. It was so fun looking at the box and working out what to make, it was a bit like having an invention test (okay which clearly I would’ve failed cos I only used one thing, but you know what I mean).

Also the new edition of Cuisine arrived! OMG it’s great. There is SO much I want to cook. Of course it sort of goes against the whole ‘use what you have’ theory that I’m employing in the veg delivery, but I’ll find a way to make it all work. Plus Cuisine is bimonthly so we have loads of time to cook from it. Muz and I have both never made pastry (I know) so we thought we’d do that together and make some sort of yummy dessert tart some time. Fun!

This pic is totally self-indulgent. I had been on the phone to Muz in Shanghai complaining that Ped was unruly without a man in the house, and he came and sat next to me looking like he was the sweetest, most innocent thing ever. So I took a photo and sent it to Muz, and thought it was so cute I had to share it. Speaking of the boy, he turns 3 on the 17th of this month. They grow up so fast.