Dog walking really is a full time job.

July 1, 2010

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The last couple of weeks have been a bit biz – probably not busy in the sense of most people’s lives, but busy enough not to allow some private time to attend to a certain blog. When Rach and Nathan left on Sunday night, the next day Murray’s mum and her (ex) partner arrived for a week’s stay. They spent a couple of nights with a friend in Seaforth, which gave me some time to get some work done but not enough free time to do the blog. Let’s be honest, I could’ve done it at night, but when Masterchef’s on and the dog wants to snuggle on the couch, who wants to be up in an office at the computer?

So in between playing host to Muz’s mum and getting a story done, the basics were covered (fun stuff like washing, shopping, cooking etc) but not much else. I did manage to take a week 28 photo though:

which as you can tell also has a rare Muz appearance (I actually think I took this at 28 weeks and 2 days, on our way to taking Hilary and Peter out to dinner). We hit 29 weeks yesterday, and I’ll post a pic of that once I take it (which involves the cleaners leaving so they don’t think I’m totally crazy).

Muz flew to Shanghai on Sunday morning – he only just made his flight thanks to some accident near the airport which totally held up traffic. Qantas were actually calling him and in the end said “get out of your car and run”. So that was a bit dramatic and didn’t allow for any heartfelt farewells (probably not a bad thing seeing as I was feeling so emo and tired after a week of in-law sitting). Then I was off to do a first aid course (for keeping kids alive). Muz was meant to do it but this Shanghai trip meant that he had to skip it, and of course I told him nothing better happen to Bunny on his watch. Anyway, I pottered off to Crow’s Nest (a first for me), thinking that I had to be there by 10. Can you see where this is going? I turned up at the community centre and noticed a sandwich board with a list of what was happening at the centre that day. First on the list – St Johns Ambulance First Aid, starting at 8am. Ah. I looked over my shoulder and saw a room full of Dawn French in Psychovilles, armed with their plastic babies and lots of polar fleece vests. I heard one of the teachers say that “take note of this because it will be in your assessment this afternoon” and I strolled out of there, pretending I was looking for something else. So mother and father of the year here. However it did allow for me to catch up with Marsh and Jamie who were babysitting Jamie’s nephews (I’m always up for home made chocolate muffins), and then I went to get Bunny a change table, sheets, blankets and some other guff. Amazing how easily you can spend money on baby stuff. So I ended up taking a few hours to do all that stuff (helped by the very willing Michelle who told me all about her brother’s upcoming wedding in the US, how lovely her husband was, how horrible her sister was, and how she had to have an operation on her uterus earlier this year), by which point Hilary and Peter had headed off to lunch with their friends, and from there they’d head to the airport. So when I got home I crashed on the couch, caught up on all the recorded Masterchef I’d missed while we had guests with us and patted Ped. Then M&J had me over for dinner which was great, and I headed home and tried to feel less emo about Muz being away for who knows how long.

This week I started three days a week at Home Beautiful – probably only for a month or so, which really works out quite well. Everyone in there seems really nice and I’ve got lots to do which is great. I can’t believe though how pooped I am by the end of the day, I’m clearly not used to this working life (and being preggers at the same time). Hats off to all those ladies who do it…they must be so tired all the time.

Anyway I’ve got some exciting tasks to do (change Muz’s TT plates over for him, go to the physio, grocery shop etc) so I’ll write more later and post a week 29 pic. I’m getting big…



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  1. Lisa O Says:

    Hey Em, congrats on the Home Beautiful gig! Sounds fantastic and good distraction for Muz being away. Very funny about the first aid, i’m doing one when i get back, it’s always been on the list to get done and haven’t gotten around to it, but so important!
    You look BEAUTIFUL at 28 weeks and 2 days and love the Muz guest role.
    Lisa xoxox

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