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Vampires and babies. July 8, 2010

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Almost forgot – Marsh and I had date night this week and we opted to join the rest of the kids and go see Eclipse. We had GREAT Chinese at BJ before the film (oyster sauce greens and an eggplant and spicy pork mince hot pot), and then, armed with peanut m&ms and a block of chocolate, sat down with our fellow emos to enjoy the movie. I have to say I actually liked it – waaaay better than New Moon (which isn’t saying much I know), but plenty of Jacob-without-shirt and the acting, makeup and CGI was much better (I would like to know though how they succeed in making the Cullen family less attractive in the film than the actors are in real life. Aren’t they meant to be breath-takingly gorgeous as vampires??). And Bella was less irritating now that she’s not being all teen-angst-my-boyfriend’s-gone. We almost ate all the m&ms and I had the chocolate block sitting on my lap – by the end of the film it was totally melted, which was actually pretty funny.

And today’s big news – the cot has arrived! And while I thought it would be almost impossible, I have assembled it myself. It wasn’t easy (you try getting screws in while holding an end in one hand and a side in the other) but I did it, and I’m stoked with myself. Only problem is I’ve done something wrong, because the drop down side isn’t dropping down. Sigh. So that’s a job for the weekend, I can’t be bothered undoing it all now that it looks the part.

We have another house guest this weekend – my buddy Clare from Perth. She’s on her way to the US for a lovely big holiday, but I get her first for nearly four days! Awesome. And I spoke to Kingsley’s mum Bea today, and they are coming for a visit in August, which will be ace. They are off to NZ to see family but we get them going in one direction. Only shame is that Wellington won’t be able to come along too, so Ped will have to sniff them instead of sniffing W. He’ll be SO excited (as will we – minus the sniffing).

Also coming up this weekend is the first day in our ‘calm birth’ course. I’m expecting a lot of calm breathing exercises. I think it’s all a bit ‘no drugs, go natural, go home’ in theory (which clearly I’m not about to back myself into that corner – hello private hospital), but I figure if I can find a way to make this birth thing less terrifying for me, it’s going to help Bunny too. We’ve got a more traditional hospital birth course too, that’s starting in August. I’m just praying we don’t see lots of birth videos (actually I don’t want to see any birth videos). I’m not very earth mother. I know it’s natural and the miracle of life etc etc, but I’m still amazed by fax machines, let me get used to one thing at a time.

lots of love,


ps masterchef tonight, even though I’ll miss some of it – aaron better be packing his dirty beanie and going home. How many more times can he cook substandard food and remain the top ten?!


4 Responses to “Vampires and babies.”

  1. Jac Says:

    Ah, Em. I LOL’d at your fax machine comment. You’re right, they are amazing. Also, the cot likes totes awes! Good job! Finally, big email coming up, xxx.

  2. Jess Says:

    The cot looks great! And look at Ped sniffing…he doesn’t know WHAT is coming!

    Love the weekly updates, I can’t believe my friend, Emma Wheater, is actually growing a baby inside her…and I don’t get to see it in real life! Very sad. I will have to book myself a Sydney trip by the end of the year.

    Miss youse lot

  3. beyondbagot Says:


    Check that belly!

    – CP xx

  4. lisaoneill Says:

    Looking gorgeous at 30 weeks Em and Bunny! Glad you loved Eclipse like i did (i know you didn’t exactly say that, but that’s how i took it!). Good luck with calm breathing course, i’m so glad you’re doing the baby thing first so you can tell me how totally easy it is…
    And hope you have a blast with the Red Fox!!

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