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33 weeks. July 31, 2010

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hi gang!

finally, here’s the week 33 pic. I really think I’ve (or Bunny) has grown this week. I look pretty huge. Hilariously, I’m going to get bigger, and no doubt will become HUGE (note the difference is all in the CAPS). Still, it’s all supposed to happen that way.

The big Bunny news this week is that she’s in breech, which means she’s feet first. I can actually feel her head, which is kind of cool. She’s been moving lots, and especially likes our days at Home Beautiful. I think she’s gunning for a job writing on Who, and spends a lot of time preening just in case she meets someone important. So anyway, our obstetrician has given her two weeks (which is actually just over a week now) to turn around on her own. If she doesn’t turn, then we start talking ‘options’. Which I’m guessing means we either decide on a birth plan that takes one of a few different paths: book in for a caesar, or try a natural birth even if she’s in breech with the idea that it may end in a caesar anyway. I’ve got some positions from my yoga teacher to try to get her to turn, and I’m going to get some acupuncture next week – which apparently is good for it. Either way we’ve still got a few weeks to go, and she may turn anyway. The ob says only 1% of babies end up in breech by 40 weeks. However both Marsh and I were breech, so clearly that percentage is wrong. Clearly.



One Response to “33 weeks.”

  1. Drew Says:

    You can also get Bunny massaged so she rolls around into the right direction – my friend had it done and then a week later, her little girl popped out in a number of hours

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