Dog walking really is a full time job.

Aceist. August 25, 2010

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Today was going to be a good day. How did I know that? I twigged once I saw a puppy waiting outside the coffee shop.

I’d been to pre-natal yoga and really enjoyed the class, and trotted down William Street to the tres chic Paddington Alimentari to get my takeaway hot chocolate (PA is a mix of PYTs who work at Belinda in their designer threads and local rich women in their tennis whites – seriously, today one woman walked in and she had her very blonde hair down and straightened, her tennis whites on, loads of diamonds and she was looking for her keys. The guy behind the counter was like “are these BMW ones yours?”. Of course they are, champ). Anyway, waiting outside was a little black pup sniffing the ground and being totally cute. I hoped he’d still be there on my way out so I could have a pat, but he left before I did. Anyway I thought to myself “any day that starts with yoga and a puppy sighting has to be good.” And then, on my way home I came across the pup again. I totally shouldn’t have because they left so much earlier than I did, but I did. And I got lots of pats.

So – yoga, puppy, hot chocolate.

Then I came home, patted our pup (who sniffed my hands like crazy trying to work out who I’d been seeing on the side), showered, had yummy pawpaw with home made muesli and yoghurt, and went off to a new dayspa around the corner. They were doing some great opening offer and as a treat I’d booked myself in.

So – yoga, puppy, hot chocolate, muesli, facial.

Then I came home and had some of the lime and coconut slice I made last night, walked Ped (amazing sunny day, and he found two balls), made lunch and fell asleep on the couch for 1.5 hours.

So – yoga, puppy, hot chocolate, muesli, facial, slice, Ped and nap. What’s not to love?

Sure I only started my work at 4pm, and sure I’m now avoiding it by writing this, and which in turn might make tomorrow more stressful, but hey. The puppy premonition was right – a GREAT day.

Here’s some of the spring blossom I’m totally in love with…

Here’s the park…

Here’s the pup with one of his found tennis balls…

lots of love



Bunny’s shower. August 24, 2010

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This post is possibly the most overdue ever. You may (or may not) recall back in June when I posed a pic of some amazing chocolate cupcakes that I said Drew had made (they also featured little babies on top). And I said that there would be more to come on that…and then promptly forgot to do it. I was somewhat hampered by not having figured out where the cable is for the new digi to plug it in to the computer (which I’ve still not done), but luckily Marsh has a handle on these things and has posted lots of lovely pics on her blog.

The story is though that Marsh and Ash decided to throw Bunny a shower – luckily Rach and Nathan were in town on the designated weekend, and Drew and Liam flew in for the occasion (Drew was also our invited interstate chef who handled all the sweet stuff – amazing mango and white chocolate slice in the shape of bunnies, and those valrohna cupcakes which he injected – yes, injected – syrup into the centre. OMG). Marsh made the incredible Bourke St Bakery pork and fennel sausage rolls, nom nom nom, and we also had chicken sandies, mint and ginger ale cocktails made by Ash, and loads of tea. It was a lovely afternoon. We sat outside in the sun, all the boys were there too and it was just good fun.


36 weeks and 2 days.

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Here we are at just over 36 weeks. Posting it a little late (I’m 37 weeks tomorrow) but I figure better late than never. I was looking back at blog posts this time last year and they are so different. Last year it was all about hills sessions, long runs and other people’s babies and baby showers. Also I realised that some of the 13kg I’ve put on has actually gone to my face, sadly it couldn’t be all baby and fluid. I guess all those eclairs had to go somewhere. Mind you I suppose there will always be some difference in how you look when it’s marathon training vs pregnancy (even when my marathon training was not the most elite version you could get). Reading the old posts did make me nostalgic for those days – writing about an ‘easy’ 14km run with my buddy Lisa where we chatted the whole way and then got smoothies at the end seems SO far away now. Not the least because I’m in Sydney and Lisa is still in Perth (well, technically she’s in Europe right now). You know what I mean though. Still, it’s lovely to think that Bunny is only a few weeks away. I guess it’s funny how you just can never picture what your life is going to be like in a year’s time.



Me and Mr Jones. August 19, 2010

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While Amy Winehouse may not be the best title reference for a 6 month old baby, calling wee Kingsley “Mr Jones” is pretty cute.

This is Mr Kingsley Jones, and he belongs to our lovely NZ friends (who are also our lovely Anzac Rd friends) Bea and Andrew. The Joneses have been on a tour of Brisvegas and NZ, visiting rellies and getting their gorgeous little man christened (Muz is a godfather too which is awesome. Of course I still intend to be Kingsley’s favourite). On their way back to Perth they stopped in to see us, which is no mean feat given they’ve already been on the road for 3 weeks with a bub, and no doubt they were missing Ped’s mate Wellington. But isn’t Kingsley just beautiful?? He has the most amazing eyes and eyelashes and is such a smiley, happy baby. He’s the sort of baby you see, and cross your fingers that you get that sort of baby too. Even when I hear stories that he kept his mum and dad up all night (possibly helped by the fact I slept through it all).

We had a great time with the Joneses. We didn’t ‘do’ much (which is perfect for a lady of my size and energy levels), but we did lots of chatting, playing and crosswords. We ate lots of food with sugar in it (I scored at the patisserie when I went late one day and got served by a pregnant lady who gave me an extra pile of treats because they were going to throw them out that night. Yessss!). It made me yearn for the days when we lived in the same street and could just pop over. Even though I’m enjoying Sydney, it bites that all our friends aren’t in the one spot. I guess that is just part of growing up.

Ped is exhausted post-Kingsley. He couldn’t work out what Kingsley was exactly – he knew he wasn’t a pup (K wouldn’t play with him desite Ped’s earnest efforts to throw Gumby to him), he knew he was important (everyone paid him attention, not Ped), he knew he was alive etc etc, but couldn’t work out how to interact with him. So I think all that has taken its toll, and all this afternoon he’s been napping at my feet, and it’s that totally exhausted napping he does when he’s been to the beach or something. It’s so funny.



We’re going to the zoo…how about you?

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Okay, more accurately we went to the zoo. Last Sunday Muz and I caught the ferry across (I never get sick of catching the ferries here) and met Marsh, Jamie and Jamie’s mum (Vern, or V-Mo) at the zoo. Marsh and I have been pumped for ages to see the baby elephant (Mr Shuffles, aka Miracle Baby), and we weren’t disappointed. Also there’s a baby pygmy hippo (which we didn’t get to see, boo).

Mr Shuffles (he now has some authentic Thai name which I forget) was just adorable. I didn’t get any decent pics but he was totally cute and a lot like this pic of him on the Taronga Zoo website…

We also saw a tiger…

and of course, red pandas.

note there are two eating bamboo in a tree in the pic below…

Animals! Too much fun. I think Bunny and I will be spending some quality time there when she gets big enough to appreciate it. Or maybe before. I’m big enough at any rate.


Sticks ‘n’ bones…

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Probably nearly two weeks ago it was a beautifully sunny Sydney day, so I had to take our wee pup down to the water at Glebe. It seemed just right to stroll along in the sun with him, and I knew he’d totally love having the chance to go for a dip.

He also managed to find the World’s Biggest Stick and insist that I throw it for him. Who am I to argue?

Here he is swimming after it in the harbour (reminds me of a little tug boat)…

Here he is pleased with himself and bringing it back for me to throw again.

It was pretty hilarious. If he grabbed it the wrong way in the water it would create a massive drag for him, but he’d still putt-putt along with it until he dumped it back on the stairs for me to throw again. Aw. I was laughing out loud, and I think the other woman who was there with her dog (some goldy retriever type) was jealous that her dog wasn’t so enthusiastic and talented. Either that or she thought both Ped and I were nuts.


A belated 35 weeks. August 16, 2010

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A bit belated, given I’ve nearly hit 36 weeks, but this is the photo from last week. At 35 weeks I’ve really popped out. It might not look like it (or it might) from the pic, but I’m heaps bigger. It’s harder to bend to pick things up (mainly tennis balls in the park for Ped) and I feel I’m doing more of a waddle.

Last week we said bye to Mal and Marceena and hello to Jules, Kate and baby Sarah. It was a short visit but so great to see them, and Sarah is so beautiful. She’s 20 months now and just so fun and interesting. It was also my last week at Home Beautiful which is both good and sad – good because I’m feeling like I don’t really want to have to do much stuff any more, sad because they were so nice and it was nice to be part of something. Here’s the flowers they gave me on Friday…

and today Bea, Andrew and Kingsley have arrived! They’re on their way back to Perth from NZ and very kindly stopped in to see us. Ped and Bunny are both very excited (bun’s been squirming all day) so we’re all pretty pumped to have them here. And Kingsley is just so beautiful. I’ll take a pic and post it.

Better go see how everyone’s doing…