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Me and Mr Jones. August 19, 2010

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While Amy Winehouse may not be the best title reference for a 6 month old baby, calling wee Kingsley “Mr Jones” is pretty cute.

This is Mr Kingsley Jones, and he belongs to our lovely NZ friends (who are also our lovely Anzac Rd friends) Bea and Andrew. The Joneses have been on a tour of Brisvegas and NZ, visiting rellies and getting their gorgeous little man christened (Muz is a godfather too which is awesome. Of course I still intend to be Kingsley’s favourite). On their way back to Perth they stopped in to see us, which is no mean feat given they’ve already been on the road for 3 weeks with a bub, and no doubt they were missing Ped’s mate Wellington. But isn’t Kingsley just beautiful?? He has the most amazing eyes and eyelashes and is such a smiley, happy baby. He’s the sort of baby you see, and cross your fingers that you get that sort of baby too. Even when I hear stories that he kept his mum and dad up all night (possibly helped by the fact I slept through it all).

We had a great time with the Joneses. We didn’t ‘do’ much (which is perfect for a lady of my size and energy levels), but we did lots of chatting, playing and crosswords. We ate lots of food with sugar in it (I scored at the patisserie when I went late one day and got served by a pregnant lady who gave me an extra pile of treats because they were going to throw them out that night. Yessss!). It made me yearn for the days when we lived in the same street and could just pop over. Even though I’m enjoying Sydney, it bites that all our friends aren’t in the one spot. I guess that is just part of growing up.

Ped is exhausted post-Kingsley. He couldn’t work out what Kingsley was exactly – he knew he wasn’t a pup (K wouldn’t play with him desite Ped’s earnest efforts to throw Gumby to him), he knew he was important (everyone paid him attention, not Ped), he knew he was alive etc etc, but couldn’t work out how to interact with him. So I think all that has taken its toll, and all this afternoon he’s been napping at my feet, and it’s that totally exhausted napping he does when he’s been to the beach or something. It’s so funny.



One Response to “Me and Mr Jones.”

  1. Rach Says:

    Oh my goodness he is BEAUTIFUL. Congrats, Bea and Andrew!

    Ps: I hate to do the creepy nonna thing, but he and Bunny can get married! Yessss.

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