Dog walking really is a full time job.

Sticks ‘n’ bones… August 19, 2010

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Probably nearly two weeks ago it was a beautifully sunny Sydney day, so I had to take our wee pup down to the water at Glebe. It seemed just right to stroll along in the sun with him, and I knew he’d totally love having the chance to go for a dip.

He also managed to find the World’s Biggest Stick and insist that I throw it for him. Who am I to argue?

Here he is swimming after it in the harbour (reminds me of a little tug boat)…

Here he is pleased with himself and bringing it back for me to throw again.

It was pretty hilarious. If he grabbed it the wrong way in the water it would create a massive drag for him, but he’d still putt-putt along with it until he dumped it back on the stairs for me to throw again. Aw. I was laughing out loud, and I think the other woman who was there with her dog (some goldy retriever type) was jealous that her dog wasn’t so enthusiastic and talented. Either that or she thought both Ped and I were nuts.


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