Dog walking really is a full time job.

We’re going to the zoo…how about you? August 19, 2010

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Okay, more accurately we went to the zoo. Last Sunday Muz and I caught the ferry across (I never get sick of catching the ferries here) and met Marsh, Jamie and Jamie’s mum (Vern, or V-Mo) at the zoo. Marsh and I have been pumped for ages to see the baby elephant (Mr Shuffles, aka Miracle Baby), and we weren’t disappointed. Also there’s a baby pygmy hippo (which we didn’t get to see, boo).

Mr Shuffles (he now has some authentic Thai name which I forget) was just adorable. I didn’t get any decent pics but he was totally cute and a lot like this pic of him on the Taronga Zoo website…

We also saw a tiger…

and of course, red pandas.

note there are two eating bamboo in a tree in the pic below…

Animals! Too much fun. I think Bunny and I will be spending some quality time there when she gets big enough to appreciate it. Or maybe before. I’m big enough at any rate.


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