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36 weeks and 2 days. August 24, 2010

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Here we are at just over 36 weeks. Posting it a little late (I’m 37 weeks tomorrow) but I figure better late than never. I was looking back at blog posts this time last year and they are so different. Last year it was all about hills sessions, long runs and other people’s babies and baby showers. Also I realised that some of the 13kg I’ve put on has actually gone to my face, sadly it couldn’t be all baby and fluid. I guess all those eclairs had to go somewhere. Mind you I suppose there will always be some difference in how you look when it’s marathon training vs pregnancy (even when my marathon training was not the most elite version you could get). Reading the old posts did make me nostalgic for those days – writing about an ‘easy’ 14km run with my buddy Lisa where we chatted the whole way and then got smoothies at the end seems SO far away now. Not the least because I’m in Sydney and Lisa is still in Perth (well, technically she’s in Europe right now). You know what I mean though. Still, it’s lovely to think that Bunny is only a few weeks away. I guess it’s funny how you just can never picture what your life is going to be like in a year’s time.



One Response to “36 weeks and 2 days.”

  1. Lisa O Says:

    Aw Em, I am nostalgic for the old days too! At least you have a good excuse for excess kilos, eclairs AND baby! Mine seems to be purely dessert related hehe. And in every pic you look freaking gorgeous, best-looking pregnant lady I’ve ever seen including magazing pics of Gisele. Yup. Just ask Muz! We’re in the Black Forest now in an amazing little town called Badwild or something? Finally in a hotel after days n days of camping, I’m sooo happy :o) Anyhoo miss you and hope you’re feeling fab after your great day (couldn’t have been more perfect by the sounds!). xoxoxoxo

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