Dog walking really is a full time job.

Bunny’s shower. August 24, 2010

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This post is possibly the most overdue ever. You may (or may not) recall back in June when I posed a pic of some amazing chocolate cupcakes that I said Drew had made (they also featured little babies on top). And I said that there would be more to come on that…and then promptly forgot to do it. I was somewhat hampered by not having figured out where the cable is for the new digi to plug it in to the computer (which I’ve still not done), but luckily Marsh has a handle on these things and has posted lots of lovely pics on her blog.

The story is though that Marsh and Ash decided to throw Bunny a shower – luckily Rach and Nathan were in town on the designated weekend, and Drew and Liam flew in for the occasion (Drew was also our invited interstate chef who handled all the sweet stuff – amazing mango and white chocolate slice in the shape of bunnies, and those valrohna cupcakes which he injected – yes, injected – syrup into the centre. OMG). Marsh made the incredible Bourke St Bakery pork and fennel sausage rolls, nom nom nom, and we also had chicken sandies, mint and ginger ale cocktails made by Ash, and loads of tea. It was a lovely afternoon. We sat outside in the sun, all the boys were there too and it was just good fun.


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