Dog walking really is a full time job.

Aceist. August 25, 2010

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Today was going to be a good day. How did I know that? I twigged once I saw a puppy waiting outside the coffee shop.

I’d been to pre-natal yoga and really enjoyed the class, and trotted down William Street to the tres chic Paddington Alimentari to get my takeaway hot chocolate (PA is a mix of PYTs who work at Belinda in their designer threads and local rich women in their tennis whites – seriously, today one woman walked in and she had her very blonde hair down and straightened, her tennis whites on, loads of diamonds and she was looking for her keys. The guy behind the counter was like “are these BMW ones yours?”. Of course they are, champ). Anyway, waiting outside was a little black pup sniffing the ground and being totally cute. I hoped he’d still be there on my way out so I could have a pat, but he left before I did. Anyway I thought to myself “any day that starts with yoga and a puppy sighting has to be good.” And then, on my way home I came across the pup again. I totally shouldn’t have because they left so much earlier than I did, but I did. And I got lots of pats.

So – yoga, puppy, hot chocolate.

Then I came home, patted our pup (who sniffed my hands like crazy trying to work out who I’d been seeing on the side), showered, had yummy pawpaw with home made muesli and yoghurt, and went off to a new dayspa around the corner. They were doing some great opening offer and as a treat I’d booked myself in.

So – yoga, puppy, hot chocolate, muesli, facial.

Then I came home and had some of the lime and coconut slice I made last night, walked Ped (amazing sunny day, and he found two balls), made lunch and fell asleep on the couch for 1.5 hours.

So – yoga, puppy, hot chocolate, muesli, facial, slice, Ped and nap. What’s not to love?

Sure I only started my work at 4pm, and sure I’m now avoiding it by writing this, and which in turn might make tomorrow more stressful, but hey. The puppy premonition was right – a GREAT day.

Here’s some of the spring blossom I’m totally in love with…

Here’s the park…

Here’s the pup with one of his found tennis balls…

lots of love



2 Responses to “Aceist.”

  1. Jac Says:

    Ummm, I’m, like, totes in love with your life right now. Yoga, puppy, hot chocolate, muesli, facial, slice, Ped, nap sounds like the greatest day EVER.

  2. wheaters Says:

    I know!! It really was a great day. I think though after I posted that Muz didn’t get home for dinner until 9pm or something, which made me really dark, and somewhat ruined the whole ‘greatest day ever’ high that I was on. But still, ACE.

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