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Bunny updates… September 6, 2010

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hi gang!

I’ve been bad on the computer the last couple of weeks…have been trying to finish off some stories and get things ready, including important visits to get a facial and to get my hair cut (who knows when I’ll get it cut again).

But here are some bump updates…just over 37 weeks…

and at just over 38 weeks…

So you can see Bunny is growing nicely. We are now officially at T minus 9 days. Amazing, huh. Bunny is still in frank breech (which means she is head up, bum down, with her legs straight up and her feet in front of her face). Ideally she’d be head down, bum up and maybe with legs folded up. I had an ECV just over a week ago to try and manually turn her. I went in to hospital and they hooked me up to monitors and put a drip in me with ventolin in it. The ventolin relaxes the uterine muscles so the obstetrician can try to manually turn the baby by grabbing on to it through your skin. The side effect of the ventolin is that it makes your heart race (and I mean RACE). In my case I felt like it was in my throat, pounding away, and it made me really short of breath. The turning was pretty uncomfortable, compounded by not being able to breathe through it. There are various risks associated with an ECV (placenta becoming detacted, baby’s cord strangling it) and sometimes it can end in an emergency caesar. So before I had to sign all these papers just in case, and my ob was like “oh and the theatres are empty if we need them.” Great. Obviously we didn’t need them which is good.

Anyway Bunny wouldn’t turn, so Muz and I went home. I was fine with it though, I figure if she doesn’t want to, then perhaps there is a reason. I was a bit shaky and sore after the ECV but it’s all fine now, and I’d probably do it again if I had another breech baby.

I’ve also been giving acupuncture, massage, yoga and talking to her a shot – still she remains certain that she’s happy the way she is. So if she doesn’t turn, and if labour doesn’t start naturally, we’re booked in for a c-section on her due date (the 15th). Even if labour does start, there is a good chance it’ll end in an emergency caesar anyway. So there are pros and cons for all of it. Stubborn little miss.



2 Responses to “Bunny updates…”

  1. Redfox Says:

    You look amazing Em!xx

  2. Lisa O Says:

    Sooo close, sending you good vibes that Bunny learns how to do headstands before Sept 15. Thinking about you, I bet it feels like any day could be it now! Hope Muz has been briefed on how to update blog so us travellers know when Bunny makes her grand entrance into the world! Good luck, mama!! Lisa xoxoxo

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