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39 weeks…1 week to go! September 10, 2010

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Okay so officially we are less than a week to go, with Bunny’s due date a mere five days away. Five days!!

I feel pretty lucky with this pregnancy – I’ve had the most minor things to complain about and I’ve only started feeling properly big in the last couple of weeks. This week I found it really hard to shave my legs, but I still managed. It’s increasingly harder to bend over to pick up the ball for Ped in the park, but I still get there. So it’s not like things are tough, but I have noticed things changing. This week I really found I just can’t walk as far any more – and we’re not talking about me walking a few kms, it’s way less than that. It’s more like I walk 500m and I’m like “someone carry me home”. So to tire Ped out, instead of taking him on big walks, I’ve been giving him sudoku to do. Apparently they find mind games more tiring than exercise anyway.

So Bunny’s still in breech, despite my army of alternative therapies – acupuncture, massage, reflexology, yoga, you name it (not to mention the very non-alternative, very medical ECV that we did). There is the story of one of my yoga teacher’s clients being on the table for a c-section, and the baby turning 15 mintues before they were due to start. So I’m hoping Bunny is holding out for drama and gags and that’s what she’s going to do. But even if she doesn’t, that’s okay. We’ll book in for a c-section (breech babies can’t be induced), and if I don’t go in to labour naturally before that date, she’ll arrive into this world via surgical sun roof.

I’m also starting to get excited about life post-pregnancy. Obviously there is the very big thing that we’ll actually have a daughter, but there’s the little things too – like sashimi and soft cheese. Being able to eat whatever you want off a menu, or just grabbing a pack of sushi for lunch will be amazing. And then at some point I’ll be able to exercise again – it’ll be good to feel healthy again. And not to have heartburn. Awesome.

Anyway of course the most exciting thing is that Bunny will actually be here! Crazy. I still can’t quite get my head around the whole thing. You mean the baby grows inside you? Amazing!



3 Responses to “39 weeks…1 week to go!”

  1. Jac Says:

    How exciting, Em! I can’t believe the big day is nearly here! I remember when I first got the text saying you were expecting. The time has FLOWN! Hope you rest up and enjoy the next few days, xxx.

  2. Parsons Says:

    OMG, you’re huge! And gorgeous!

  3. Lisa O Says:

    Has it happened yet? Have been thinking about you and Muz and Bunny and hoping for news. Hope everything went brilliantly!! xoxo

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