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She’s here! September 18, 2010

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Our beautiful little bundle of Bunny has arrived. On the 11th of September we did the usual Saturday stuff – had brekkie out, planned dinner, talked about Bunny. We had tickets to see Wicked – not the usual sort of thing we’d do but apparently it’s great, and it’s closing in a few weeks.

About 6:30pm I was cooking risotto before we were going to head out when I felt something that wasn’t totally normal, rushed to the loo and found there was some sort of fluid trickling out. I’d had something similar earlier in the day but wasn’t worried, however this was more and wasn’t really stopping. We rang the delivery suite and the midwife suggested that if it was my waters breaking that I’d probably have period-like cramps too, which I did. So we were told to bring our bags in to hospital asap because we were probably going to have a baby that night.

We’d already been prepped by our ob that if I went in to labour this weekend we’d be looked after by their back-up ob, a guy called Bobby Teo. Stephen said that Bobby wasn’t into letting breech births happen in the traditional fashion, so if Bunny wanted to come on his watch it would be a c-section pretty quickly. So on the drive in to hospital I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I was heading into theatre.

The midwife let us hang in the delivery suite for a bit, I was hooked up to a fetal monitor, and was having regular contractions – lasting about a minute and about five minutes apart. We were watching the Bulldogs vs Sydney and I was trying to use all the calm breathing techniques I’d learnt to deal with the contractions. I have to say I think I’d be rubbish in full blown labour – just the early contractions were enough of a challenge. The midwife held off on calling Bobby and the anaesthetist for a bit, I think to let us have a bit of labour for the baby, but after not too long Bobby arrived as did Clive. Bobby was lovely, very cheery and relaxed. Clive was fairly hilarious – English, a bit bombastic and telling us about his kids, one who lives in Moscow and is a lawyer and the other who does something equally fab sounding but I can’t remember what.

I had the epidural put in and was wheeled off to theatre. It was all pretty surreal. One minute I was cooking risotto and the next I was on a gurney going in for an op. I had the shakes fairly full on from the adrenaline in the anaesthetic, and got nauseous from low blood pressure, but other than that it was all pretty quick – Muz was in scrubs at my head and we first saw her little feet coming out, then they swung her around and held her upright. She was very purple and immediately started yelling, which was pretty funny really. Already she had something to say. She was born at 9:55pm, weighing 3.428kg (7lb 8oz).

I was taken to recovery while Muz and Bunny went up to the ward. After about half an hour I joined them and got to feed her. She was all chubby cheeks and fat arms. It really was kind of weird to suddenly find ourselves in hospital with a baby. Because we were in a shared room Muz couldn’t stay over that night which was a bit of a shame. I tried to sleep but couldn’t – too much adrenaline and my brain going a million miles an hour. Around 6am they brought Bunny back in to me – it was just the best thing to see her again.

So now we’re home after a few days in hospital. She’s chubby and gorgeous, and I can’t believe what a treasure she is. When she sleeps she looks like a perfect little cherub (when she’s screaming she’s a lot less cherub-ish, but still totally cute). We’re both smitten with her and just love her to bits.

Anyway here are a couple of pics taken in hospital…one at a few days old:

And sleeping, dressed ready to go home (cheeks!):

I actually just realised that this time last week we were in delivery suite, knowing that she had decided she wanted to get out and play…that week seems to have gone really fast but also it seems ages ago. She’s sleeping right now in a capsule at my feet, Muz is cooking us dinner (medium rare steak! I’ve also tucked into sashimi and pate post-birth) and we’re watching another final with the Bulldogs, this time playing the Saints. So much has changed yet stays the same.

Oh and her name! Is Josephine Scarlett Wheater. We call her Josie, Bunny, pup…up to you what you call her. And thanks to everyone who sent us beautiful flowers and words, it is a really nice feeling being away from so many of you yet still feeling so close.

lots of love,

Bunny’s mum. xxx


10 Responses to “She’s here!”

  1. bea Says:

    OMG. she is absolutely gorgeous. we showed kingsley her photos – he thinks she is hot! Much love to you, Bea, Andrew, Kingsley and Wellington. Oh and Wellington wants to know if Ped has got his head around it at all…..

  2. lisaoneill Says:

    I’m crying at a campsite in Piesole… what a beautiful post and record of Josie’s zero-th birthday! How magic. I love her name so much, it is so pretty. Wouldn’t expect anything else from a wordsworth like you, Em! Can’t wait to cuddle her one day soon… enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! xoxxoxo

  3. Jess Says:

    Em, Muz, Ped – I’ve said it before a few thousand times, but I wanna say it again. CONGRATULATIONS! Josie is adorable and perfect and I can’t wait to meet her.

    You’re a top mum, Weetie, I can tell already! x

  4. Jac Says:

    Aw. Bunny’s mum! You’re Bunny’s MUM! Lovely post, Em. Can’t wait to see/hear more! xxx

  5. Nathan Says:

    And so it has begun! My goodness she is lucky.
    Thanks for sharing Em, that was such a treat x

  6. Redfox Says:

    CHEEKS! Love them. Big congrats! xx

  7. Yay!!!! We are so happy for you guys, congratulations.

  8. Anne Jacobs Says:

    Dear Emma and Murray

    It seems that you went to the same expierence as I did with Marsha. It didn’t ring a bell when my water broke. Changed the sheets and went back to bed. As you might know, Marsha was breech too. They say that they are smart(er) babies.
    Well, Congratulations. You life will change forever. She is a healthy looking bundle of joy. You all going to have a lot of fun bringing this baby up.
    I will keep checking your blog and will, for sure, see a lot of pictures of her.
    Lots and lots of fun with your new addition.

    Anne Jacobs

  9. Rach Says:

    Can I pinch her cheeks yet? I MUST GRASP THEM. (Then clap a lot, then feed her. It’s a wog thing).

  10. beyondbagot Says:

    So, so pretty.
    Your best work yet, I think 🙂

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