Dog walking really is a full time job.

ha! October 13, 2010

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More surreal stuff. WordPress automatically generates other blog posts that might be similar to the one you’re reading and sticks them in a little list below. One of my posts has been auto generated and linked to this site’s posting:


TOO funny. When automatic matching goes so, so wrong.




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I just looked back at old blog posts at what I was doing this time last year – a post on Oct 12 said we’d just run 32kms in our training for the New York marathon. Talk about weird. You never know where life will take you. I certainly wouldn’t have expected to be living in Sydney and having a little Bunny as my plus one if you’d told me that this time last year.



Welcome to the time warp.

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hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long between posts, and sorry to anyone whose call I haven’t returned, or whose totally thoughtful and lovely gift I still haven’t said thank you for. You can blame this person:

While she might look totally innocent, helpless and not in charge, she’s actually steering this ship. Blaming her is way too strong – she’s a total poppet and I’m loving being her mum. But she does demand 24/7 attention – the most time I get off in a stretch is about four hours (and I realise this is actually a generous tea break from my demanding boss – not all employees are this lucky. Perhaps Bunny is pro-union or something). This photo was taken a few days ago – just after her four week birthday. The past month has gone so fast, yet in some ways it feels like she’s always been here. Already I can’t imagine (or perhaps remember) what life without her would be like. While I miss things about the PB era (exercise, running my own show, going out to dinner with friends), I don’t want to go back to pre-Bunny. You wouldn’t change it. All parents seem to say that, and while I was a non-parent (ps can you believe I’m a parent??!) I always stood back and listened to them and wasn’t totally convinced – screaming kids along with non-stop attention and work wasn’t really that aspirational. But when they’re your own…some sort of biological cuteness drive kicks in. Thank god, or you wouldn’t survive. But it really is pretty ace.

We’ve been lucky to have Marsh feeding us – regular Sunday roasts plus care packages of curry and spag bol have saved us on several nights. It really is amazing how it can be 2pm all of a sudden, and I haven’t eaten, showered or done anything other than feed Bunny, comfort Bunny, change nappies, pat Bunny etc. Ped doesn’t get a walk sometimes until Muz gets home, dinner is pretty much never started (except for the only dinner I managed to get going – soup. I was feeding Bunny and to be helpful Muz checked to see how done the veggies were. Deciding they were ready, instead of decanting half the soup into the blender to puree it, he strained the soup through a colander, pouring all the stock down the drain. Ahem. I could’ve cried. He blamed not getting a good night’s sleep in ages. AHEM. I can hear him snoring when I’m feeding in the night. Anyway.), and all the things I’d like to get done during the day such as going for a walk, writing on the blog, cleaning up, putting away washing etc never gets done. But hey, it’s not that big a deal. And everyone says it gets easier.

Anyway it’s been a morning of five hours of crying/feeding and she’s just gone down for a sleep – so it’s my time to eat. Here are a couple of quick pics.

Family cafe outing (that’s not a bib on Muz, Bunny is under there somewhere)…

Ped with his present from Wellington – a stuffed giraffe to match Bunny’s giraffe from Kingsley. Sadly Gerry the Giraffe was a little too enthusiastically loved.

Hopefully will try to post again soon, next time with more pics of little Josie.

lots of love

xxx em