Dog walking really is a full time job.

Babies, babies, everywhere. November 30, 2010

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Tuesday is mother’s group, and I have to say I’ve scored a pretty great group of girls. We normally meet at a cafe in Centennial Park but the weather today was rubbish so Josie and I played hostesses. I made a lime and coconut slice last night (I was impressed with myself), and lots of other girls turned up with various forms of sugar. We had a really nice day, and ended by deciding the sensible thing to do would be to put all our babies on the floor and take a photo. What else is mum’s group for?


Nothing stays the same. November 29, 2010

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Just as we were getting excited for Bunny’s first Christmas, we received the news last week that the owners of our house are returning to Sydney and want to move in. Great. And of course our lease expires Jan 5, which basically means we have to find a new home before Christmas. I can’t actually believe this will be my sixth move in just over four years. Mental. Anyway, I figure things happen for a reason so there must be some upside to it. There isn’t much out there at the moment unfortunately, and we want to stay in Paddington (or around here) if poss, so we might have to compromise a few things on the next house (what do you mean I can’t have four toilets??). Which is totally fine, I just can’t be bothered moving again. We seriously have boxes we haven’t unpacked from the last move yet. Muz tells me it’s ski gear (because we do so much skiing).

So Josie’s been pretty good lately. Last week we nailed the morning nap, and she did some lovely two hour sleeps. Afternoons are still long and full of crying/feeding/not settling so I need to find a way to help her to sleep a bit then too. Otherwise she just gets so overwrought and pooped by bedtime. We’re also better at self-settling too now (because it is ‘we’ – I sometimes have to let her complain a bit which isn’t always easy), and she’s going to sleep well at night (touch wood).

Muz and I seem to fall more in love with her every day. I still can’t get over how she grew inside me. INSIDE. So weird. She’s also making really lovely gooing and cooing noises, and they are getting longer and more chatty. She and I had a great talk yesterday. It’s the cutest thing ever. Even cuter than those baby lions in the Bulgari campaign.

Here’s a smiley photo from last week. Hope everyone’s going great. lots of love.


hello again! November 17, 2010

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hi everyone,

sorry it’s been so long. I’ve really missed you! Things have been good in the Bunny household. Busy, but good. Days slip by and I never seem to have my hands free, let alone time to sit in front of the computer. Not that I’m complaining because Bunny is great, but she’s certainly time consuming. I’m a bit braindead at the mo, so instead of writing anything interesting, I might just put up some pics. These are roughly in age, from about four weeks to now…

I was obsessed with her in this little monkey outfit…

And this is from Clare, Ruiz, Rach, Jacinta and Nathan. She reminds me of a koala in it. So cute. She’s outgrown koala and monkey now. Sigh.

The spots are from Grace…

Grandma and Grandad Green know how Bunny’s mum likes her Country Road…

This Bunny number is from aunty Marsh and uncle J Mo…ditto the cute dog top.

The dog top was today’s hot pic. She’s finally out of 0000 and into 000 – they’re still too big but at least we’re moving up sizes. And she has so much fun stuff to wear in this size, I just hope we get through it all before she grows out of it. She’s also making the most adorable cooing and gurgling noises now, it seems like full sentences are only days away (because after all, she is Brilliant).

Okay got to go start dinner before dad gets home or I fall asleep on the keyboard. Whichever happens first.

heaps of love