Dog walking really is a full time job.

hello again! November 17, 2010

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hi everyone,

sorry it’s been so long. I’ve really missed you! Things have been good in the Bunny household. Busy, but good. Days slip by and I never seem to have my hands free, let alone time to sit in front of the computer. Not that I’m complaining because Bunny is great, but she’s certainly time consuming. I’m a bit braindead at the mo, so instead of writing anything interesting, I might just put up some pics. These are roughly in age, from about four weeks to now…

I was obsessed with her in this little monkey outfit…

And this is from Clare, Ruiz, Rach, Jacinta and Nathan. She reminds me of a koala in it. So cute. She’s outgrown koala and monkey now. Sigh.

The spots are from Grace…

Grandma and Grandad Green know how Bunny’s mum likes her Country Road…

This Bunny number is from aunty Marsh and uncle J Mo…ditto the cute dog top.

The dog top was today’s hot pic. She’s finally out of 0000 and into 000 – they’re still too big but at least we’re moving up sizes. And she has so much fun stuff to wear in this size, I just hope we get through it all before she grows out of it. She’s also making the most adorable cooing and gurgling noises now, it seems like full sentences are only days away (because after all, she is Brilliant).

Okay got to go start dinner before dad gets home or I fall asleep on the keyboard. Whichever happens first.

heaps of love



3 Responses to “hello again!”

  1. Rach Says:

    Oh my goodness, sausage dog top is amazing! (As is Bunny, natch). xxx

  2. Jess Says:

    Loving the sausage dog top, does it come in adult size? Emma, Bunny is too cute. I am stealing her.

  3. Marsha Says:

    OMG. Bunny in the sausage dog top is the cutest. I love how the little sleeves are too big for her… awww. And it’s so sad she’s outgrown the monkey suit!! Oh no! Two month’s worth of wear is hardly enough value for something that funny. xx

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