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Nothing stays the same. November 29, 2010

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Just as we were getting excited for Bunny’s first Christmas, we received the news last week that the owners of our house are returning to Sydney and want to move in. Great. And of course our lease expires Jan 5, which basically means we have to find a new home before Christmas. I can’t actually believe this will be my sixth move in just over four years. Mental. Anyway, I figure things happen for a reason so there must be some upside to it. There isn’t much out there at the moment unfortunately, and we want to stay in Paddington (or around here) if poss, so we might have to compromise a few things on the next house (what do you mean I can’t have four toilets??). Which is totally fine, I just can’t be bothered moving again. We seriously have boxes we haven’t unpacked from the last move yet. Muz tells me it’s ski gear (because we do so much skiing).

So Josie’s been pretty good lately. Last week we nailed the morning nap, and she did some lovely two hour sleeps. Afternoons are still long and full of crying/feeding/not settling so I need to find a way to help her to sleep a bit then too. Otherwise she just gets so overwrought and pooped by bedtime. We’re also better at self-settling too now (because it is ‘we’ – I sometimes have to let her complain a bit which isn’t always easy), and she’s going to sleep well at night (touch wood).

Muz and I seem to fall more in love with her every day. I still can’t get over how she grew inside me. INSIDE. So weird. She’s also making really lovely gooing and cooing noises, and they are getting longer and more chatty. She and I had a great talk yesterday. It’s the cutest thing ever. Even cuter than those baby lions in the Bulgari campaign.

Here’s a smiley photo from last week. Hope everyone’s going great. lots of love.


4 Responses to “Nothing stays the same.”

  1. Rach Says:

    Oh Em, she looks so happy and not at all phased by the move or the prospect of less than four toilets. Bunny will surely take it all in her stride – what a trooper! Can’t wait to meet her. xx

  2. bea Says:

    josie you are so gorgeous and you remind us of your mum and dad so much…..and you look like you have your mummie’s free spirit…so looking forward to meeting you….love from Aunty Bea and Uncle Andrew

    hey hottie…it’s me….the one you can call any time to see what your next few months will be like…..i am crawling and standing…i have had enough of this ground rolling stuff I am ready to be vertical…..see you soon josie jones…i mean josie wheater…….goos ad gaas and lots of dribble from your bo in the west x

    hey you, just wondering if you are treating my mate ped ok…remember us hairy brothers need attention too….looking forward to giving you a big lick….tell your brother i have been keeping the order at the park…wellington x

    hey guys….sorry to hear about the upheavel…but like you said em…it is meant to be…..hey maybe you guys could sneak home!…..and em i used to put kingsley in the pram for his afternoon sleep (it was the only way i could get him to get his afternoon sleep quota) and take wellington for 1 to 2 hour walks….it was good for everyone…does josie like being in her pram? love to you guys x x x x

    • wheaters Says:

      aw hi team!!
      it’s so nice to hear from all of you. Josie says to Kingsley that she is totally pumped for their next meeting, and she’ll try and have some new tricks to show you (i’m typing for her as she’s a bit slow on the keyboard).

      hi wellington! i really miss all our runs and play time in the park. there are no dogs here as cool as you. and certainly none that get my sense of humour the way you do. woof! xxx peed

      heaps of love to the lovely joneses! xxxx

  3. beyondbagot Says:

    Oh no! House move…
    Oh my! What a beautiful smile…
    – CP x

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