Dog walking really is a full time job.

Also… December 10, 2010

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I should say that Bunny and I have had our best week on record! I stayed home a lot this week because Buns has been having lovely long morning sleeps, and I’ve taken advantage of it by sleeping too. Some days she also has a long afternoon nap, and it’s resulted in a much happier, smiley baby and a happier mum. I sort of feel like I’m getting better at recognising her signs and knowing what to do. It’s been so lovely to have her making gorgeous sing-song cooing noises and being a smiley bear all week. Bless her.

lots of love



One Response to “Also…”

  1. lisaoneill Says:

    Beautiful and I loved your letting go post Em. Sean and I had hearty discussion on birth today (although it’s pretty far away for us!) and it still scares me no end. Funny, I’ve never thought of you as a control freak though? You always have a beautiful perspective on life and it sounds like your perspectives are broadening and getting more beautiful every day with your new buddy (I mean, bunny!). Merry Christmas Wheaterville xoxoxo

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