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Things I wish someone had told me. January 13, 2011

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The mothering thing is a minefield – to give advice or not, how to give advice and all that. I think usually advice is welcomed from friends, and a little harder to take from mothers in law. Especially when they’re telling you to give your baby water and trying to get her to eat avocado covered in salad dressing. At three months. Anyway, I wish the midwives at hospital had told me a few things that would’ve been useful, and saved me a whole lot of anguish at various times. So here’s my ‘getting started’ list, if anyone is as clueless as I was about how to look after a newborn. Feel free to add your own in the comments too…

1. Newborns are only good at being awake for about an hour, most of which (or all of which) they’ll spend feeding. So it’s pretty much eat, then go back to sleep. Nice, huh?

2. Don’t go for more than three hours from the start of your last breastfeed before giving another one. I let Bunny sleep (because I thought that’s what you did) for as long as she liked in hospital (one time over six hours), and that makes establishing your milk supply hard. New babies find it hard to wake themselves to ask for food, so you have to wake them sometimes.

3. When in doubt, feed.

4. Drink LOTS of water. I still don’t drink enough. I got so dehydrated after my op in hospital that the catheter bag was a dark, golden colour. The sort of colour that says ‘go to hospital’ on those dehydration charts. Except I was in hospital already. Thanks nurses. Another thing I think probably didn’t help my milk supply.

5. The thing you tried to get them to stop crying 30 minutes ago that didn’t work, might work now.

6. When in doubt, feed. Food makes everything better.



Project Bunway.

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Bunny’s been lucky enough in her short life to enjoy being treated to lots of great outfits…she’s also recently gone in to a new size so here are some of the ones she’s been rocking lately…

This one from auntie bea, uncle andrew, kingsley and wellington.

this from aunty marsh and uncle j mo…panthers!

this from uncles drew and liam…

this from aunty clare…

and this just cos it’s cute.

and let’s not forget ped’s festive outfit…



We’re back! January 11, 2011

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Happy new year everyone!

It’s Josie’s 4 month birthday today on 11/1/11. I like all those ones. After a drought of internet at the new pad, we are finally back online. Phew. I’ve had so many things I wanted to write to you about, but of course now they pretty much escape me. So to recap the last few weeks…

We’re in the new house. And we like it, probably better than the old place. It’s not as big or as pretty, there is no glimpse of the harbour bridge, but it feels more homely and I’m more comfortable here. It’s so much nicer living over only two storeys instead of, what, five? The guest room and bathroom isn’t as big either, so sorry visitors! We’ll still love having you stay with us just as much though. It just may not be as roomy for you.

I’ve also done my first two bits of exercise since Bunny being born. Marsh and I have committed to a regular Sunday morning spin class at Fitness First in Kings Cross, and it’s SO good to be back doing something. It kills me, but I love just being able to do something again. Even once a week is brilliant.

Bunny had her four month jabs yesterday – such a traumatic experience for both of us. Even though they’re necessary and all that (well, depending on your philosophy I guess, I know several people who think immunisation is all bad, but you try getting your kid into daycare without it), taking her in is still something I dread. I just feel like as her mum I’m supposed to protect her from getting hurt, and here I am, literally holding her down while someone puts her in the most pain she’s ever been in in her short life (I’m guessing this ‘most pain ever’ thing just by the way she screams). Ugh. It’s awful. She cried before, screamed during and for about an hour after. And we go back again in two months, and then again at 12 months. Next time I think Muz can come.

Bunny’s new tricks involve playing with her hands, and putting her hands (and most things she can hold) in her mouth. Cute. Amazing the little things you notice and see as milestones. She’s also sitting up in her bumbo pretty well these days, although it only lasts a few minutes before she gets tired and her head gets a bit droopy. Oh she’s sucking her thumb a lot too. She has no interest in a dummy, which isn’t all bad, except a thumb is a lot harder to get rid of. But whatever, it’s pretty cute.

We are also in the throes of planning a holiday – finally. After the excess holidays in 2009, 2010 was a barren landscape for getaways. Muz has about a week’s leave up his sleeve til July 1, so we need to use it judiciously. We’re thinking of NZ, and maybe Tassie later in the year. I’d like to check out the new MONA there and apparently the accom is ace too. And I keep seeing ads for Tassie that involve cheese, so naturally I’m pretty keen. And we can visit the Cadbury factory. Why wasn’t I on the Tassie train earlier??

Okay better get some stuff done around the house while Bunny’s asleep. Hope you all had lovely Chrissies and that 2011 is a beautiful year for you all. Big hugs.