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Things I wish someone had told me. January 13, 2011

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The mothering thing is a minefield – to give advice or not, how to give advice and all that. I think usually advice is welcomed from friends, and a little harder to take from mothers in law. Especially when they’re telling you to give your baby water and trying to get her to eat avocado covered in salad dressing. At three months. Anyway, I wish the midwives at hospital had told me a few things that would’ve been useful, and saved me a whole lot of anguish at various times. So here’s my ‘getting started’ list, if anyone is as clueless as I was about how to look after a newborn. Feel free to add your own in the comments too…

1. Newborns are only good at being awake for about an hour, most of which (or all of which) they’ll spend feeding. So it’s pretty much eat, then go back to sleep. Nice, huh?

2. Don’t go for more than three hours from the start of your last breastfeed before giving another one. I let Bunny sleep (because I thought that’s what you did) for as long as she liked in hospital (one time over six hours), and that makes establishing your milk supply hard. New babies find it hard to wake themselves to ask for food, so you have to wake them sometimes.

3. When in doubt, feed.

4. Drink LOTS of water. I still don’t drink enough. I got so dehydrated after my op in hospital that the catheter bag was a dark, golden colour. The sort of colour that says ‘go to hospital’ on those dehydration charts. Except I was in hospital already. Thanks nurses. Another thing I think probably didn’t help my milk supply.

5. The thing you tried to get them to stop crying 30 minutes ago that didn’t work, might work now.

6. When in doubt, feed. Food makes everything better.



2 Responses to “Things I wish someone had told me.”

  1. bea Says:

    ah, yes…the “secret mothers” group was a bit of a shock to me (us) to….all I could think when Kingsley was learning about us in teh first 4 months was “why did noone tell me that!”…….but maybe I should not be so harsh on the esceret mothers group, because babies can be soooo different.
    We had the other extreme…a baby that did know how to wake itself every 2 hours for a feed…on the good side, the milk-bar worked excellently, on the not-so-good side, the milk-bar got very very tired.
    I would add to that list

    7. Be confident and trust your instincts, only you know your baby…if you think you should feed him/her, feed him/her…if you think you should let him/her fall asleep on you, than do it….

  2. Lisa O Says:

    Hey Em,

    I nominate

    8. Have your beautiful friend Emma move back to Perth so you can see her all the time and she can give you her tips face to face.

    Sounds like you and Bunny were made for each other, what a little doll. Loved the fashion show!! I want to go to Tasmania too!! Cradle Mountain looks amazing and the coastline too. And duh, I would be bashing down the door to the Cadbury Factory! One of my friends just came 2nd at the Tassie Half Marathon and they gave her more chocolate than she could carry… I was so jealous!
    Miss you lots, sorry we missed you on your last trip 😦 but I’m hoping a Sydney visit is imminent.

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