Dog walking really is a full time job.

We all love a wedding. March 23, 2011

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Dearest Wills and Kate,

SO excited for your upcoming nuptials. Just one thing…I still haven’t received my invite. Julia’s got hers, and seeing as we moved house a few months ago I just thought I’d check to see if you had our new address. Because it is getting close and we kind of need to book our plane tickets. Oh and what’s the dress code? Can I wear a tiara? Or is that too close to a crown? Not long now!!




March 17, 2011

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hi gang,

It has been brought to my attention that Ped hasn’t featured in an update for a while…and to be honest the little guy hasn’t been high up in my list of favourite people. He went overboard while Muz was in India, deciding I clearly wasn’t up to the task of protecting the house and so would rush out the gate at any given chance, barking at whoever had the temerity to walk along the street. One day, just as I was struggling out the gate with pram and dog, I lent down to clip on his lead but I was too slow – he ran down our street, across another street (in front of two cars) just to bark at some poor woman walking down the pavement on the other side of the road. Sigh. He’s had a go at puppies in the park (always popular) and has vomited on the carpet. Last night he barked and woke Josie. So I’m kind of over him. And I know it’s us who need to help him out, but I’m frustrated with him now and I can’t seem to make him get it. I have wanted to list him on ebay several times. Right now he’s being cute and sleeping next to me, and he’s dreaming, his little paws twitching away as he chases something in his sleep.

In other news, I did a restaurant review for Box mag last night. Marsh and I went to A Tavola, just near home in Darlinghurst (Muz was off playing golf in Perth, so Marsh and I enjoyed a girls’ night out). The food was nommy and it was fun to be out at night like a real adult. Of course I’m always pleased to get home and see that Bunny is fine, but it is good to get out. And I’m totally excited to have something to write again.

And we have a new addition to the Wheater household…

Isn’t she lovely?? She’s the almond cream (it was that or the pistachio). I’ve lusted after one of these for so long, and finally decided enough was enough. Sure, I’m not much of a baker but hopefully this will change all that. Sure, I have nowhere to store it, or the million pans I’m going to have to buy, but whatevs. I’m just excited to be all Betty Housewife and makes birthday cakes for Bunny. If anyone has any recipes I have to try or anything you want me to attempt and post a pic of, just let me know. In other exciting news, Drew also has something to show you in the Kitchenaid vein…check it out. It’s not up there yet (come on Drew) but it will be soon. And he also has a new friend called Betsy that you need to meet.

And in other food news, Muz and I went to Quay ages ago (did I already tell you this?). It was so great. Amaaaazing. The sort of thing were you go “I can normally figure out roughly how they did that. I have NO idea how they did that”. Just a really special night. And of course I had a snow egg. It was great, but when something is so hyped it’s easy to fall in to the trap of expecting it to change your life, which of course, it won’t. I actually think I liked Muz’s dessert more.

So aside from making a cake or something else with my new toy, the next thing on the Wheater horizon is a trip to Tasmania for Easter. I’m pretty excited for it. It’ll be great to have a little getaway, and it’s a short flight which is good news for people with babies.

Speaking of babies, I can hear that she’s waking. Here are a couple of recent pics to finish off with…can you believe she’s six months old now??



and another thing… March 7, 2011

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I forgot to say we saw Owen Wilson at bills in Darlinghurst when we popped up there for lunch Sunday a week ago…he was sitting on his own at the communal table and his bodyguard was sitting at a table immediately at his back. Owen was just reading, and everyone was trying to act like Owen Wilson wasn’t sitting across from their scrambled eggs.

Today I went to my second outdoor group fitness class. It’s designed for mums and as a result they have nannies there, so you can leave your bub with the nannies and focus on your workout. Josie didn’t go down for her morning nap before we left, and she didn’t sleep there, so she was pooped and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Poppet. She had been awake for four hours so it’s not surprising. What is surprising though is that she didn’t lose it for the nannies, and in turn that meant I could do the full hour’s class. Go Bunny! What a good girl.

Now the poppet is asleep in her cot, I think it’s time to have something to eat, and then hopefully have a bit of a lie down myself. All that running around has knackered me.



More photos… March 5, 2011

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This is right after she did her first roll…the sort of pic you end up hating your mother for taking, especially when she shows everyone.

this was taken today, wearing a dress clare gave her before she was born. cuuute.

and she’s awake! better go say hi…




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Muz was listed in Friday’s AFR in the “Best Lawyers” section. Aw, first Josie rolls then Muz is listed again! I’m so proud.


It’s been a long time…

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hi guys,

sorry this post is so belated. On the bright side I do have some Bunny pics to post which is always fun.

So, what’s been happening? Well, in no particular order…

Muz is in India on a work junket. He missed his flight home (boo) due to the transfer bus between Mumbai domestic airport and international airport taking over an hour to get there, so he’s now in Bangkok with 10 hours to kill before his flight home. With the missed flight his ticket has now cost over $12k. Like, is it just me or is that outrageous? Not that I would wish economy class on him, but there were 6 of them that went, and at least a couple of them would’ve missed the flight. So add up those fares and you’ve gotta hope that some business comes out of these meetings. But whatevs, it’s not like I’m paying.

We’ve also had a holiday in NZ, which was really lovely. We went to Auckland and then on to Waiheke Island, only a 4o min ferry ride away and it was just so beautiful. Views everywhere you looked, and lots of nice Kiwi accents everywhere. We had a nommy lunch at Cable Bay Vineyard, although Josie SCREAMED for most of it because she was tired, so I spent a lot of lunch walking around outside with her. The only time she stopped screaming was in their art gallery, cute. Little curator that she is. When we were there it also coincided with their Sculpture on the Headland exhibition, which is a bit like Sculpture by the Sea, except you’re walking along hilly, grassy headland not a beach. That was an awesome exhibition, with some really clever sculptures. Our week away was too short really – with the drama of flying with a baby and all that, you really want to go away for a couple of weeks and settle in without all the toing and froing of getting taxis, ferries and planes. But we still had a great holiday. We also saw Kingsley take his first steps in NZ which was just so special.

Josie did her first full roll the other day too. I took her nappy off to air her bum out and she just started flipping around, I think the nappy must make it harder for her to move. Anyway, shortly after her little flips she did a full roll! I was so proud. She has some killer fat rolls on her legs too, it’s adorable.

In other news we had Clare come to stay which was so great. While Bunny’s schedule still runs the show, it was just so lovely to have Clare around to chat with, get coffees, have Friday night sushi with, and drink wine and eat dip. Plus Bunny had a trip to emergency on Sunday night just after Muz left, so it was really great to have Clare with me. Buns is fine, and the trip made me so grateful to have a healthy, happy baby who doesn’t make regular trips there. Some mums looked like they’d done it before with their poor sick poppets.

What else? Bunny’s been going to gymbaroo once a week and is loving it. Some days we get tears, but this week was all good. She was killing herself laughing at one thing, it’s so nice to see her so happy.

This week she seems to be really alert, and a bit more interactive again. She grabbed my face last night and started sucking my nose. If anyone else did that I’d think they were a nutcase, but in my daughter it’s too cute for words.

Anyway here are some pics…

I’ve got this spoon thing under control, mum…

note similarity in her arm position and the bear’s arms on her tee…

more pics to come later (once I get them off my phone).

lots of love to you all