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It’s been a long time… March 5, 2011

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hi guys,

sorry this post is so belated. On the bright side I do have some Bunny pics to post which is always fun.

So, what’s been happening? Well, in no particular order…

Muz is in India on a work junket. He missed his flight home (boo) due to the transfer bus between Mumbai domestic airport and international airport taking over an hour to get there, so he’s now in Bangkok with 10 hours to kill before his flight home. With the missed flight his ticket has now cost over $12k. Like, is it just me or is that outrageous? Not that I would wish economy class on him, but there were 6 of them that went, and at least a couple of them would’ve missed the flight. So add up those fares and you’ve gotta hope that some business comes out of these meetings. But whatevs, it’s not like I’m paying.

We’ve also had a holiday in NZ, which was really lovely. We went to Auckland and then on to Waiheke Island, only a 4o min ferry ride away and it was just so beautiful. Views everywhere you looked, and lots of nice Kiwi accents everywhere. We had a nommy lunch at Cable Bay Vineyard, although Josie SCREAMED for most of it because she was tired, so I spent a lot of lunch walking around outside with her. The only time she stopped screaming was in their art gallery, cute. Little curator that she is. When we were there it also coincided with their Sculpture on the Headland exhibition, which is a bit like Sculpture by the Sea, except you’re walking along hilly, grassy headland not a beach. That was an awesome exhibition, with some really clever sculptures. Our week away was too short really – with the drama of flying with a baby and all that, you really want to go away for a couple of weeks and settle in without all the toing and froing of getting taxis, ferries and planes. But we still had a great holiday. We also saw Kingsley take his first steps in NZ which was just so special.

Josie did her first full roll the other day too. I took her nappy off to air her bum out and she just started flipping around, I think the nappy must make it harder for her to move. Anyway, shortly after her little flips she did a full roll! I was so proud. She has some killer fat rolls on her legs too, it’s adorable.

In other news we had Clare come to stay which was so great. While Bunny’s schedule still runs the show, it was just so lovely to have Clare around to chat with, get coffees, have Friday night sushi with, and drink wine and eat dip. Plus Bunny had a trip to emergency on Sunday night just after Muz left, so it was really great to have Clare with me. Buns is fine, and the trip made me so grateful to have a healthy, happy baby who doesn’t make regular trips there. Some mums looked like they’d done it before with their poor sick poppets.

What else? Bunny’s been going to gymbaroo once a week and is loving it. Some days we get tears, but this week was all good. She was killing herself laughing at one thing, it’s so nice to see her so happy.

This week she seems to be really alert, and a bit more interactive again. She grabbed my face last night and started sucking my nose. If anyone else did that I’d think they were a nutcase, but in my daughter it’s too cute for words.

Anyway here are some pics…

I’ve got this spoon thing under control, mum…

note similarity in her arm position and the bear’s arms on her tee…

more pics to come later (once I get them off my phone).

lots of love to you all




One Response to “It’s been a long time…”

  1. Claire McGowan Says:

    Sometimes …. I see Murry but most of the time I see you in her smile.

    Miss you

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