Dog walking really is a full time job.

She’s beary cute. April 20, 2011

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I ordered this beanie for Josie to keep her wee noggin warm in tassie… She thinks she’s pretty darn cute. As do I.



Ped isn’t the only one who can sit. April 18, 2011

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Hey peeps! Check it, bunny’s starting to sit! I’m so excited and proud. Aw. She can only manage a couple of minutes at best, and requires a wall of pillows ready to catch her, but it’s the start of something big, I just know it.



Getting ready for Tassie. April 14, 2011

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I am so excited about these… Tasmania is a bit of an excuse to get bunny these ugg boots, but I figure she’ll use them heaps in winter. Already her little toes are all cold when we get back from the park in the morning, and that’s with socks and a blanket. Cute!!



Who feels stupid now?

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Okay, so it turns out there are no mini giraffes. I feel like such a chump. But it was fun while it lasted.

But check out what Bunny and I found on our walk yesterday. It’s attached under a bridge near our house…

Weird, hey. I love that someone has done this, it just makes life so interesting. Most of us just can’t be bothered doing any more than what we absolutely have to do, but some clever soul has gone out, painted a weird Magritte-meets-Heidelberg School-but-not painting, framed it, and stuck it on a pillar under a bridge. They won’t get feedback, they won’t know what anyone thinks, but they do it anyway. It’s near the roundabout on Barcom/Boundary/Campbell in Darlinghurst/Paddington. And it actually exists! Unlike a mini giraffe.



Good news. April 13, 2011

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All I had to do was click a button…they didn’t even take my details. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be welcoming our new spindly addition to the family in no time.


Okay drop all your other plans for today…

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You have something better to do.

mini giraffe cam! And not just any giraffe…they are Petit Lap Giraffes…some weird genetic thing, granted, but super cute none the less. And they are in Russia. Does it get any better??


ps the next baby is due in 156 days…but it’s reserved for a prince for a birthday gift. So you’ll just have to put your name on the wait list…


ah ha ha.

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I’ve never been a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. I briefly thought she was okay after The Royal Tenenbaums, but she’s just so…limp. Anyway, Marsh alerted me to this review of her new cookbook. Gwyneth + cookbook has to be great. She lead a macrobiotic diet for a while, and I’m pretty sure she was veg for a while too. Then there was the irritating TV series on her going around Spain with Mario Batali…anyway, enough said. It’s funny if you don’t like her.