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My kind of graffiti April 4, 2011

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Days like these I think there is something right with the world…

And in other big news, I have been retweeted! I started a mild twitter obsession (mostly following worthy types such as kim and khloe kardashian, charlie sheen, the british monarchy etc) and I decided my goal was to get retweeted or replied to by someone famous. It’s involved sending a few tweets I’m not proud of…telling people how ace they are, how I can’t wait to see their show and so on. I started small with comedian Jimmy Carr. I figured he was a sure bet because I’d seen him on tv saying he loved twitter, especially because he was on the road so much and it was nice to connect with people. So I complimented him on a joke and got…nothing. So then I asked Jillian Michaels (of US biggest fattest loser fame) about abdominal separation after pregnancy…zip. Then I think I said something embarrassing and fan-like about a kardashian thing, nothing…you can see where this is going. Then last night I tweeted Neil Perry from Rockpool Group about how we’d made his recipes from the Good Weekend mag three weeks running and they were all ace…and zing! He retweeted me. Funnily enough, his next tweet was also a retweet, and from my friend Max – hilarious! Of all the tweets, in all the world, you had to walk in to mine…anyway I’m pumped and here is a screen grab.

The other hilarious thing about me on twitter is that somehow I’ve accumulated some followers…only about six mind you, and until today I knew absolutely none of them. Today two more signed up who are actually mates (the aforementioned Max and Ink Bar Leighton Beach), but til then I had these strangers following me. I hardly ever tweet, and they would’ve just seen these suck-hole tweets going out to celebs. too funny. and embarrassing. and now people I know are following me I might have to grow up and stop all this.


3 Responses to “My kind of graffiti”

  1. dodd Says:

    this is clearly the next blogging step for us….

  2. Rach Says:

    Hurray, Twitter! Now I can pester you more frequently. Also, the most famous person who has ever retweeted me was James Van Der Beek (DWASON HECK YES). I cannot tell you how excited I was, and still am. (Also RT’d by Vanity Fair about how hot Ryan Gosling looked at the Oscars, slightly less worthy.)

    • wheaters Says:

      um, I am now following you and can I say that you are followed by Stephen Fry!! OMG! And also, OMG just made it in to some new dictionary…as well as LOL and heart. If I knew how to do the graphic heart thingy, I would…

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