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A book to (possibly) change your life. April 6, 2011

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I know it sounds preachy, but I think you should think about where your food comes from. In particular, if an animal has died for you to eat. And whether that animal lived a life that was free of pain and as close as what a natural (and that is a pretty loaded word) life it could lead as possible. And then perhaps think if when it died, what sort of death it had…was it humane? Or it was it butchered while it was still conscious? Does your meat also create massive toxic problems for the planet (think about that Simpsons episode where Homer puts his pig’s excretions into the town’s lake and poisons it…then times that by 50,000 pigs on one farm, and how many farms of pigs there are…)? Did the tuna in your diet-friendly lunch cause loads of other sea creatures to die in the process (and I mean LOADS – think about how many you reckon possibly died in the trawler nets then times that by a lot). COUld the chicken you’re eating stand up on its legs, or has its body been too genetically altered to bear the increased weight? Did it have the room to stand anyway? Anyway…all this stuff I’m saying can come across as moralistic, smug, emotional and fraught with all sorts of arguments, and I don’t want to sound like a total jerk… but if you enjoy eating meat, could you have a think about being good to animals and good to the planet (and this doesn’t mean you have to stop eating meat)?

I was at a point where I ate meat without thinking about it – like meat in any savoury meal was a given. What to have for dinner? What do you feel like? Like chicken, or fish, or steak? It was just assumed that meat is in the meal. Then I read this book…Eating Animals. And a lot of it resonated with me… I could go on and on but I feel like I could stray in to the territory of being a boring, pain in the ass, self righteous kind of person, and I’d rather you read the book and see what you thought. There is one line in there that really got me – he says something about how after he did all this research in to the topic of growing and killing animals that he realised that no matter how much he loved lasagna, or his grandma’s special chicken, that his desire to eat whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, just didn’t deserve to be bigger than an animal’s suffering, or the suffering of the planet. He says it much better. It’s more of a ‘do you have to get exactly what you want all the time?’ thing.

Anyway, if you are ever stuck for something to read, I implore you to read this. I read it a while ago and have no idea why it’s taken me so long to write about it. I had an epiphany moment in yoga a few weeks ago – and I decided that I just wasn’t going to eat meat anymore, unless I could be sure it was ‘happy’ meat (my phrase, not the author’s…it just seems like an easy way to sum it up). As a result I’m eating a lot less meat.

So…this is the book…. and you can order it online from Borders and they have free shipping. And if you use the code BAU-AP1025 you’ll get 25% off as well. Neat!

And if you live in Sydney, so far I’ve found out that Victor Churchill only sells happy meat, and so does Feather and Bone in Rozelle.



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