Dog walking really is a full time job.

The grandparents strike back. April 6, 2011

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Mum and Dad just had two weeks here with us…guess where they visited while they were here? Josie loves this tee, she just can’t get enough of chewing the print.

In competitive mother news, can you believe that two of the babies in mother’s group are crawling?? Most of them seem to be sitting, most of them seem to have teeth…but not our bear. She is happy with her rolling and her gummy smiles and her bald head. We are starting to fall behind on the developmental milestones though sweetie…but no pressure.

Daylight savings has ended here in Syddenee, which means that our lovely girl is now getting up at sparrow’s fart. Gone are our 6:30am wake up calls (sometimes even a leisurely 6:45am), and here are the 5:45am rooster crows. I’ve tried a few things to get her to sleep later so I can put her back on more of a normal routine, but so far nothing has worked. It has gotten later each day though (it was 4:45am the first day, yuk), so maybe tomorrow morning we’ll crack a 6am start. Cross fingers – before 6am is just tooo early for me, I’m out of practice. There isn’t much else in Bunny news…except that I am waiting a little impatiently for her to start sitting, and she’s really good with eating her veg now without wanting any fruit mixed in. That’s my girl. She’s nearly 7 months…hurry upppp. Mummy needs new tricks.

Can you believe she’s nearly 7 months!? Neither can I.




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